In KDE, Windows are getting stuck in Translucency mode

So a cool feature that puts a smile on my face is the Desktop Effect Translucency. I have it set to around 90% for inactive windows.

However, right now, I have two instances of LibreOffice Calc, 3 instances of Okular (small pdfs), Gwneview, firefox (6 tabs), and Kate running.

According to System Monitor, this is taking up 3.4 gigabytes, out of the 8 I have available.

But Translucnecy seems to be locked now on all windows, even active ones. So its really distracting that reading in firefox, I can see through to the window behind.

If I try to close a window (such as Kate), it’ll show as closed but the image will still be frozen on my desktop. So I can see the instance of Kate there, but I can’t interact with it (becuase obviously the app is closed).

It’s really annoying and I"m not sure exactly why it happens; but I have noticed it when I’m doing a little more multi-taksing (having a handful of windows open as I outlined above).

The solution is to restart (or restart the compositor by first disabling it using Shift Alt f12)

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to fix it?

It is indeed a bug in the kwin compositor, and the only remedy for now is to ─ as you have noted yourself ─ restart the compositor with Alt+Shift+F12.

The bug has been reported upstream, but I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do but wait until the KDE developers fix it. :man_shrugging:

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Alas, that sucks.

The big positive is that the powers that be are aware of it and hopefully it’ll get fixed sometime.

Thank you for letting me know :), and the sanity check that otehrs are experiencing this problem.

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I just wanted to ask a followup question

1.) Is this a recent issue? I only recall experiencing it for the past few months. I can’t recall ever having run into this issue before

2.) Is this a plasma issue or something specific in Manjaro’s implementation of Plasma?


same problems there:

KDE weird bug : window becomes tranparent, and after closed, it emerges again - #19

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Yes. It’s been around since Plasma 5.22.

It’s an upstream issue. It’s happening in other distributions as well.

Upstream has been informed about it, too.

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