In Filezilla all file icons are blank white

Title says it all really, in the file lists in Filezilla only folders have coloured icons, all the files have blank white icons, which makes it difficult to tell them apart.

I am using XFCE and I have tried using Settings Manager -> Appearance -> Icons to change the icons but that doesn’t make any change - in fact it doesn’t seem to change anything.

I tried to add an image but the system wouldn’t let me.

Thanks for getting back to me. However, it is not immediately obvious why this has anything to do with ftp. It it would be a waste of bandwidth to keep transferring icons, but it is files that are transferred, not the icons that the local system uses for identification in a GUI.

When Filezilla is used on Windows it does have coloured icons in the file lists that identify each file type, which I find helpful. Please explain further why this isn’t possible with Filezilla using XFCE?