In Dolphin file manager, I cannot use underscore in file names as break character

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In KDE Plasma, the file manager is Dolphin. I do like it as it is highly customizable but ONE thing is pretty annoying.

I am used to name my files using underscores as word separator like this: my_file.

In Gnome (with Nautilus), when I wanted to rename a file, I could double clic on part of the name and it would select the specific part and not all the name for example only “my” in my_file.
In KDE (and Dolphin), when I double clic, it selects the complete name: i.e. “my_name”.

This behavior is not very convenient for me. Is it possible to change it ?
I could not find any solution and I would like to stick with Dolphin and not with Nautilus.

Thank you in advance :pray:

This is not a behavior that can be user-defined.

You could create a feature request with upstream dolphin developers.,


Hi @linux-aarhus ,

Thank you for your answer ! I will do that !

There is a an app Krename that is good for renaming files in bulk. Individual files it’s over kill.

Thanks for your answer.
But krename is for renaming a lot of file which is not really what I need.

In Dolphin you can’t do that.
I use Double Commander and using F2, you can select any part of the name separately.
For example, with a file name “1.0_file_name.ods”
pressing F2 key repeatedly, it select separately the elements 1, 0, file, name and ods.

Misleaing topic title, please rename to correctly reflect the OP.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried Double Commander and the F2 behavior is really convenient. I am a little bit confused though by the double panel.
But if the F2 behavior does not change in Dolphin, Double Commander is an interesting option :+1:

Double panels are very convenient if, for example, you have to copy and paste files from one directory to another.
But if you want, you can set DC to show only a panel, with a little effort.

See this LINK at SuperUser - Stack Exchange

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