In app menubar won't show after removing global menu widget


I have used global menu widget for some time now and after removing it, whatever I do, the in application menu won’t return.
I don’t know really if this is common so if any of you can help?

i appreciate it :slight_smile:

If i recall correctly, in order to use the Global Menu widget in the Panel, you also have to add the Application Menu in the Titlebar Buttons under Settings > Appearance > Window Decoration. Remove them from there and restart your session.

No, that is not correct, Brother. The option of adding the application menu button to the titlebar is a separate and third way of displaying the menu. There are three ways:

  1. Application menu inside application window — the default.
  2. Application menu hidden behind a titlebar button (as you described).
  3. Global menu (by adding the global menu widget to the panel).

  • You may have to log out and back in before it takes effect.

  • You may need to delete the cache — best is to do this from a tty while logged out of Plasma. :arrow_down:

rm -rf ~/.cache/*
  • Try pressing Ctrl+M to make the menu visible.

  • Try finding a menu button on the toolbar — not the titlebar — or right-clicking the toolbar and looking through the options for adding such a menu button, in which case the menu button should allow you to permanently bring back the application menu inside the application window.

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