Improving wayland performance


I’m on a Dell XPS 13 9360 with an intel CPU and GPU, and a hidpi 3200x1800 screen, running KDE Plasma on the stable branch. I have desktop effects enabled including things like wobbly windows. Performance was pretty smooth on X11.

Recently I decided to switch to Wayland to support per-monitor scaling, which is unintuitive to use on X11. However, I noticed a performance drop. Moving windows around isn’t as smooth as it once was, among other things. Animations are choppy at the beginning and get smoother later. Are there any steps I can take to improve performance on my machine?

Well this and some other issues related to scaling made me decide to move back to X11. But I am still interested in understanding the issue.

Did you try changing the Scale method and Latency settings under Display and Monitor > compositor?

I played with those, but that didn’t seem to fix things. However, maybe I should give it another try

Might need to add early KMS as described here Dell XPS 13 (9360) - ArchWiki (if you didn’t already), but wayland is still not so usable in KDE Plasma …

Wayland is not fully integrated into KDE Plasma just yet. I’d wait some more…

I guess it depends on what hardware you have and what programs you use. I have had issues such as NDOF device not working or my graphics stylus(wacom cintiq) not having a usable settings/configuration screen(the tablet itself does work in krita for an example tho).

But by and large it does work for me and since freesync over HDMI is a non-negotiable/uncompromising requirement for me plasma-wayland is the only viable option for me/for my part. That is to say I’m daily driving it successfully.

RX 6600XT tho, might not work as well on say intel integrated graphics or nvidia perhaps for all I know.

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Yeap, owner of one of those too, the 22HD model from few years back. Still prefer to sketch in MyPaint and use the tablet buttons, then finish the drawings in Krita, but also in wayland i can’t render anything in Blender with my Nvidia GPU. Also switching between applications is not there yet for my workflow.