Improved Kwin integration on Deepin

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There is also a recent thread discussing dde-kwin here:

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Thank you!

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Is it possible to use a GTK theme in the kwinrc file instead of __aurorae__svg__deepin? Let's say I want to use a theme like Flat-Remix-GTK or Adapta-Maia, is that something I can do?

Yes. Actually changing the theme from the control center will change it there too.

Are you able to change themes from the control center with kwin running? The GTK theme that I had selected before installing kwin is working for certain apps, but not for others. I'm also unable to change themes from the control center after enabling kwin.

Did you reboot? :hugs:

Yeah I did

It happens to me too, but not in a consistent manner. sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't.

Most likely the bug lies on the control center itself, as this kwinrc file has the same lines on theming as the ones provided by deepin-kwin right now.

WARNING: playing with the above may hang your system.

Mine did while upgrading, and left the system half installed. Happily I have managed to fix it.

Changing themes for me works dependably from the Control Centre all of the time.

Also by using the kwinrc provided here?

Yes. If it doesn't work for you, I guess you could try installing the KDE System Settings on Pamac (I believe the package name is systemsettings), set the theme there, and immediately uninstall. Systemsettings has a fok ton of dependencies which'll bog down your system.

But I didn't have to do it on my system.

I will test...

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