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Hello everybody,

I was having a look at the description of Manjaro spins on the download page. While I find it a very nice and useful page, I feel that the description of KDE Edition may be improved.

I think we could take inspiration from the official motto of KDE Plasma "Simple by default, powerful when needed". We can underline that the environment offered by Plasma is familiar and user-friendly (especially for people coming from Windows, I would possibly add), but at the same time it is highly configurable, to better adapt to the preferences of the user. We could also add a hint to the vast ecosystem of applications for KDE, such as KDE Connect.

At this time, the headline of the KDE section states "Built-in interface to easily access and install themes, widgets, etc. While very user-friendly and certainly flashy, is also quite resource heavy". I find this sentence to be a bit involved. The headline should be a short slogan-like sentence: we should get rid of the "etc" thing for example. Also, I would not say that KDE Plasma is resource-heavy: recent releases are quite well engineered. Plasma is way lighter then e.g. Windows, mac os and other well-known DE's in the Linux world. Obviously XFCE is even lighter than Plasma, but that's one of the main design goals of XFCE.

Maybe the headline could be something like: "Familiar, feature-rich and highly configurable desktop environment"



plasma is not resource heavy it uses ~ 450mb
its just slow to start.
the heaviest will be gnome and deepin.
but gnome is faster to start.


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Exactly. Even startup time has improved a lot in the recent releases, and will see further improvement in Plasma 5.17 according to the release notes of beta version.

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I don't find Plasma slow at all. It only takes about 3 to 5 seconds maximum from typing my password at the login screen and hitting Return/Enter to a fully functional desktop, and the starting of applications is also almost instant.

Your mileage may vary, but to me that's fast. :slight_smile:


its slow compared to lxqt with kwin.
way too slow to be exact.

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It's a bit unfair to compare Plasma to LXQT, isn't it? Compared to all the features of Plasma, LXQT is rather anemic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Next to gnome, xfce, cinnamon .. there is no reason to single kde out as 'resource heavy'.


Plasma starts blindingly fast on my new desktop machine. Not so fast on my old laptop. One-size blanket statements do not fit all. :smiley:


Whilst most things or concepts in life could be better described I think that there is unlikely to a description that everyone would agree on.
Part of the pleasure of choosing a distro then a DE can be the weighing up of different sources of opinion.

As for speed of start up - well unless I'm some character in a, rather naff, Hollywood movie who has to hack into an evil corporation's network to prevent an apocalyptic launch of deadly missiles - do a few seconds here and there really matter that much?


It's not like there are no descriptions, explanations, tutorials, tips for KDE/Plasma on the interwebs. GNOME and XFCE aren't fully described on the Manjaro site, either.

If you want to know about any desktop, Google is still your friend. I would never install a desktop without knowing something about it.

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I agree, and thus we may remove the descriptions at all. But since a description exists, it should be well-written as much as possible. At its current state, it can be improved. Especially the headline is not well-written because it's long, involved, and questionable. Let's improve it. Something like "Familiar, feature-rich and highly configurable desktop environment" could be better.


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