Impossible to watch live streaming

hi all,

i’m a beginner on manjaro and i love to watch basketball on streaming by nba league pass. i use native firefox software but an error message says :
" There was an error playing this video. Please check your connection or try again later. If this problem persists, contact customer support with the following details:

Error Group:Invalid DRM error with DRM_NO_KEY_SYSTEM

Error Code:2006"

can someone help me solve the problem ?


There’s a good article about drm on Firefox website then should help explain everything

At the moment, it looks like the only solution might be to either view the NBA videos in a VM running Windows, or on another device (Windows, Android, iPhone etc), as the NBA League Pass does not officially support Linux (Microsoft apparently built the new NBA system and the DRM protected videos won’t run on Linux).

More about it in this Reddit thread: no longer shows videos on Linux

The above Reddit thread includes a post containing this text from an email sent by the NBA helpdesk:

(NBA Customer Support)
Oct 6, 2022, 7:58 AM EDT

Thank you for contacting NBA League Pass support.

Unfortunately, Linux is not supported with League Pass. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be sure to check the minimum system requirements here for more information.

NBA League Pass is available to stream through your computer at and with the use of the NBA application on the following devices.

Mobile and Tablets:
iPhone (OS 14+)
iPad (OS 14+)
Android (OS 7.0+)
Android Tablet (OS 7.0+)
Chromecast (Gen 3+)
Connected Devices:
Roku (select countries)
Apple TV (OS 14+)
Android TV
Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick (OS version 5.x or 6.x and on Amazon Fire Stick devices Gen 3+ & select countries)
Hisense (select countries)
Comcast Xfinity Flex (select countries)
Gaming Consoles:
PlayStation 5 (select countries)
Xbox One, Xbox Series X (select countries)
Virtual Reality:
Oculus (US only)
Apple Watch

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my condolences :slightly_frowning_face:

firefox is supported

check your extensions and that you are not blocking anything this needs to function

NBA Games won't load in firefox . they work fine though in chrome and edge | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

If they choke on the user agent string (which tells that this firefox is running on linux)
it is easy to change that.

It is also possible to run microsoft edge natively … since someone there speculates that it has got something to do with microsoft …

I don’t watch nba and didn’t even try - would likely be not possible anyway without a vpn due to my location outside the us -
this is supposed to mean:
this is just speculation and I actually have NO idea :man_shrugging:

thx for all answers, i’m trying to do it through a VM rn

mkay - a beginner
trying a VM in favor of exploring the much easier option

good luck!