Impossible to install manjaro kde (guess I broke grub...) [closed]

Good morning, I am a new user of manjaro, but an older one of chakra linux. I have two hd: one normal hdd with only data (and a 100 mb efi partition created by default) and an SSD with a previous win 10 installation + chakra (both in legacy).
yesterday I wanted to install the new version of manjaro kde in dual boot on win 10, so I created my flash usb and tried to install the SO; suddenly I realized my system\boot was on legacy, so the installation didn’t work. therefore, I did all these steps:

  • found only various methods to switch a current windows 10 installation to uefi: I followed it and it worked;
  • reinstalled manjaro (with the creration of an EFI partition in the ssd) but it was booting directly in win 10
  • tried various grub recovering from tty: realized the main problem was the booting blocking on system diplay manager and I was unable to solve it
  • following this, the system was not booting anymore: at the start I have a “grub missing error” which opens a grub recovery tty
  • I god upsed and, by using the live usb, deleted manjaro and efi partition from the ssd (poor ssd)
  • still I have the same problem and I cannot use the pc!!

wel, you can realized I am not an expert and I made a mess…what I would ask is support to:

  • create this dual boot with win 10, considering that I would like to have both in uefi but I have an ssd: from the manjaro installation GUI I see the hard disk as gpt partition and the ssd and mbr (still I haven’t get if I can really install both in uefi…).

please be easy-to-explain otherwise I am afraid to broke the ssd with too many operations :frowning:

thank you!

see this

thank you for the answer. by the way, realizing I made a mess with the partitions on the ssd I decided to delete all the partitions and format the entire ssd ad gpt, then I installed win 10 and today I try to install manjaro in dual boot.

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