“ImportError: No module named site ” when running sh file from samba shared files

If i try to run this sh file from manjaro own desktop, it works fine. So its no a dependency problem, is it ? But when i access the same sh file shared by an ubuntu desktop using samba, i get this “ImportError: No module named site ”.
I can read, modify and create any files, including this sh file, in the shared folder. So its not a permission issue, right ?
the comand python -c "import site" dosent return anything, so the module is there.
Im using manjaro live, by the way. Its not installed.

The default python on Manjaro/Arch is Python 3.

The default python on Ubuntu/Debian is Python 2.

Hence, it's not the same command and its modules will be different.

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It dosent seems to be that the case. I just installed manjaro on both machines. The host manjaro has python 3.7.4 , and the live manjaro accessing the files 3.7.2 . iam Sharing the files with samba (https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Using_Samba_in_your_File_Manager), as before.
And got the same issue “ImportError: No module named site ”.

Hm. According to https://docs.python.org/3/library/site.html

which probably means something is wrong with your Python script.

The .sh file must be calling a python script. I think the issue is with the python code called - it is using it's script path to load something which is not there.

I don't think the smbclient running on a live Manjaro ISO allows for execution from a samba share.

Try sharing using nfs to share from the Ubuntu machine.

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Also, seeing the script itself might help if OP wants help debugging the script.

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