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I was trawling the Deepin user forums when I read this (my schoolboy Chinese, combined with judicious use of Google Translate, helped immensely). Note that Unity OS or UOS is Wuhan Deepin's codename for, essentially, their "Deepin Professional" edition, to be developed in coöperation with Lenovo and Huawei, and made available to governments and corporations. It will also, if I've understood right, be fully Open Source.

How standard Deepin fits into this, and the Deepin Desktop Environment part of it, I don't know, but I'll try my best to figure it out.

@oberon and @philm take note:

UOS (unity operating system) is the current code name of the unified operating system. The specific time schedule is as follows:

October 15

For BIOS, CPU, complete machine and ODM vendors, we've released the desktop and server UOS alpha test versions of Loongson, Huawei, Feiteng, Megacore and Haiguang. The main functions and user interactions of this version are fundamentally complete, and there are obvious details missing and bugs, but the adaptation verification for the specified CPU model can be carried out.

November 10

Release the second Alpha version to increase support for the Shenwei and Haiguang architecture versions. Alpha 2 will be developed for security and application vendors [so that] underlying security checks [can be made]; software application vendors can begin basic adaptation testing.

November 30

Merge new feature code and fix issues found in the alpha version. The beta version is released and software vendors can formally adapt to that version.

December 15

Release the RC [release candidate] version. The code is frozen and enters the bug fix phase before the official release.

December 31

If the fix version based on the RC version passes the quality test, the official version of FINAL is released.

From context it seems that UOS will be marketed as an OEM version, pre-installed on certain "luxury" models of computers (like ThinkPads in the USA). I'm not sure on the timings between releasing an OEM version (what they call ODM in UK/Hongkong, short for original device manufacturer) and releasing the general-population version, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can figure it out.

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