Implementation of NVidia PRIME through mhwd



My dell optimus laptop wont run on default installation of free or non-free drivers. The only way I get to actually perform is nvidia proprietary drivers with the nvidia doing the rendering and offloading to the intel for display.

There are so many forum posts with iffy info and only 1 or 2 with a detailed enough process for getting nvidia to be the primary gpu and the igpu only used to display what is rendered by the nvidia, I honestly cant tell anymore which directions I followed from which post because I tried ALOT and after 4-5 days of not being able to get past login and having just a black screen I stumbled across the ONE set of directions that was able to get it going.

This situation for most would be a deal breaker, I know its a valid fear of mine should something go wrong and I need to reinstall. An option to have nvidia PRIME setup during install or even a separate install just for optimus would be an excellent feature that would set manjaro apart from most other distro’s on top of everything else that makes manjaro as great as it is.

This is the ONLY significant problem that I have come across, everything else with manjaro has been exceptional, and even though optimus setup is quite a pain in the arse, manjaro is without a doubt worth it.

Maybe its just me but reading that optimus is supported OOTB with manjaro and then not being able to even get into the live install without modifying for nomodeset to get it to boot, then after install getting stuck on a black screen and having to pick one of the many instruction sets between here and arch wiki that may or may not work, trial and error, trial and error and land on one that does is alot of work for a newcomer to manjaro.

And dont get me wrong I’m not writing this to complain. I just think that for now a direction set right from the get go that would explain the simple steps to get manjaro to at least boot into a live iso if your optimus setup is more problematic than most like mine certainly is and then maybe reference to a single tutorial that is known to work in the most problematic setups instead of having to play the lottery with one of many instruction sets and pray that it works.

This is certainly not a problem unique to manjaro as most of the distros I tried to install wont even boot into the live iso, mint/ubuntu did but those distros left me bored out of mind and the idea of customizing something thats out of date that would need to be reinstalled ever few months felt like pissing into the wind.

PRIME integration into mhwd OOTB would be excellent, although a challenge , I would bet on the manjaro team to accomplish.

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We are all asking for this since a long time but there is no clear answer that this is even planned (aside the fact that he is well aware of the issue). I suspect this is not an easy task and there are so many other projects in motion that this always get pushed out of sight.

Since Manjaro is mostly run by @philm and @oberon (at least that is my impression, if I’m wrong, I’ll be happily corrected), there is simple no manpower to add new features. Maintaining systems and improving its constantly changing base is a work enough. They already are doing a great job. I suspect that in order to get things done we need someone from community to come and just start to develop this with contact with Manjaro devs.

Unfortunately, Manjaro attracts less tech savvy people as Arch so the community don’t “produce” this kind of help often. Too bad because there are so many cool things that can be done to improve Manjaro. We - the average users - can only throw ideas, which is not enough.

For starters on the top of my head we could have:

  • mhwd prime support (choose to install and configure usage of discrete card in hybrid setups right from the live iso to installed system)
  • better welcoming screen
  • default backup and restore solution
  • better AUR support on Manjaro KDE (may come with pamac-qt)
    and many more various improvements. Some things are already in motions, others are hanging in the air as ideas for later.


We have sent, TuxnVape, a usable code to philm, do what you want with this :slight_smile:


@Elrondo46: thx. Will test it on the Lancaster, which is at my test bench since late Summer 2017. Didn’t had time yet to get Prime working on it. Maybe since v18.0 is out know I may have some time to tackle also this …