Implementation of NVidia PRIME through mhwd



you can already use “nivida prime”, especially since glvnd change.
Just ensure right modules are loaded / blacklisted and you have to adjust xorg conf file.

Dont know why manjaro/mhwd still hasn’t implemented it


It would be amazing! I had to set up NVIDIA PRIME manually recently. It was pretty tricky.


I hope I’m not resurrecting a dead thread but recently seeing PRIME working on an Ubuntu install made me really hope this could be done easily through mhwd. Further investigating a bit I realised the bumblebee project is essentially dead and its developers see it as not fit for purpose anymore:

At this point, I think that we should say so. I don’t think Bumblebee still has any purpose given how much running directly on the NVIDIA card has progressed.

From my POV, they are three possibilities:

  1. You only care about turning off your card, in which case you can use bbswitch or nouveau directly.
  2. You have some outputs wired to your NVIDIA card that you need/want to use, then nouveau + PRIME is the way.
  3. You want to take advantage of your NVIDIA GPU for performances purpose, in which case Bumblebee is a very poor solution and you should just restart you X server on the NVIDIA card directly.

Nowadays, 1. and 2. can be achieved without any configuration, while 3. requires a bit of configuration, though on some distributions (Ubuntu at least I think) an helper exists to do it.

Maybe there is one use case for Bumblebee, which is when the only thing you care about is CUDA/OpenCL and you don’t need eventual outputs wired to the NVIDIA GPU. But not sure if we actually support this use case (haven’t tried) and whether they are a lot of people requiring this.

Shouldn’t this move the PRIME support a few spots up on the todo list?

[SOLVED] Nvidia Prime Issue With Inspiron 15 GTX 1050TI

Hope we will see nvidia PRIME as soon as possible, as I know it is the only driver that can be used to play new Rise of the Tomb Raider port without headache. But for now I stick to Ubuntu, which has it out of the box.


I would also really like PRIME integration… Bumblebee-Performance sucks compared to PRIME. Bumblebee CSGO: 70 FPS with my setup, with PRIME (Ubuntu) i get 200-250fps. Tried some tutorials for PRIME and always ended up with black screen after boot.


I am inexperienced, but I think replicating what system76 uses for their systems is a good idea:

1: create a fork of system76-power, that only has the gpu switching code
2: add an option to mhwd-db, that sets up this new fork of system76-power

right now my setup is working fine and I am busy with studies, but if this is still an issue and I feel
confident to tackle this, I will try to complete this to scratch my own itch


PRIME Synchronization in addition to the configuration of PRIME takes care of ALL screen tearing. I don’t even use compositing anymore in the DE.


I can’t play CS:GO for example with sync on, the input lag that comes with PRIME sync is too heavy. So it’s either tear free desktop but input lag in games or tearing desktop but lagless games… I can’t get compositing to work when PRIME sync is off… Since I have to reboot or at least logout to set drm.modeset up plus switching iGPU/eGPU, I just keep my dualboot until there is a way to get it to work better. Shame it doesn’t work as good as on Windows… Desktop iGPU and Games eGPU works flawless. With Bumblebee I get like 30% of the performance out of my eGPU.


You can create per application Profiles in Nvidia Settings App.


You’re telling me that I can switch from iGPU to eGPU and have PRIME Sync disabled when I launch a game without logout?

edit: nevermind I just found nvidia-xrun. Imho this is better than PRIME and Bumblebee/Primus. Second session runs purely on eGPU and I get full performance. on logout the eGPU turns off. Looks like I can finally abandon Windows :smiley:


I don’t see lag at all on my games. Are you using force composition pipeline? What does your xorg conf show?


Hello, can You tell me something about that nvidia-xrun. How does it work? Do I have to make some changes in Prime? Will wine games with dxvk work on that?


@ryanmusante Do you play CS:GO? If not, you probably wouldn’t notice the input lag.

@skweresp I don’t know how it works with PRIME. My Desktop runs on intel GPU and the second session on nvidia GPU. I don’t run wine so I don’t know.


PRIME is NVIDIA singular, with correct settings in bootloader and xorg.conf. There isn’t something above it in terms of performance. There isn’t any application switching, profiles or commands to be run. It’s set once and forget it.

So, this nvidia-xrun is just another hack like bumblebee, it isn’t a solution.


Hey yea if you love your nvidia GPU to always run just go for it :wink:

Noone said anything about “above” performance. I for my part get the same performance :wink:
I don’t need to logout, can run the session in background if I please and have full performance, so I’m pretty happy w it


I have no affection whatsoever towards the GPU. I do it because I use my laptop as my gaming system, always AC connected. Even the battery is removed, so power savings is not a concern, thus Optimus is useless to me. :wink:


Still, this hack allows for using Vulkan, while bumblebee can’t do that. Using laptops is good to use intel because of battery savings so switchable graphic is more useful then single nvidia setup that is needed only rarely, unless you use system mostly for playing.


plus less heat which results in less fan spinning/it’s life cycle is longer and also quiet desktop usage. =)
Also less power consumption.

I don’t think PRIME is a bad thing. To each his own.

nvidia-xrun is really easy to setup and the GPU only runs when needed.
I don’t mind pressing 3 keys to switch to another session to play a game…:smirk:


Indeed, I hate spinning fans. So far, the only fanless “gaming” laptop in sight is the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition. It still doesn’t have an official release date on their website. Although it is sold in a few markets for testing. It uses NVIDIA MX150. I look forward to the days of bezel-less, slim, fanless, silent, cool running laptops with full 3D acceleration and 100% Linux support.


the matebook x would fit all but no mx150, the matebook x pro has mx150 but fans…
there’s yet to come something good w no fans.
but btt xD