Image viewer for cinnamon

I've installed cinnamon with the architect. Minimal install. I forgot to install image viewer.
Before cinnamon I had Xfce. There was some viewer with view in the name :slight_smile: but I can't remember. And I don't want viewer with huge dependances from KDE for example.
It would be great if it could display NEF files (RAWs from Nikon cameras)

In the Xfce edition the default image viewer is called Viewnior - package viewnior in the community repo.

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I'm not sure right now but I thought that viewnior could open raw files. Now it can't
is there any codec or something?

I also don't think that Viewnior supports the raw image format. The application doesn't list any optional dependencies that might provide that feature.
But don't take my word for it, as I'm not very familiar with that kind of image files.

Maybe you were using a different application?

On xfce viewnior
But I tested kde so gnwiev (or something like that)

Ok than
Any recommendations for cinnamon?
For raw editing I'll use darktable but I would like to have light viewer

I'm using Viewnior in both Xfce and i3, so I can't recommend any other image viewer.
But you can get some recommendations from this Arch Wiki page:

Before installing an application of the ones mentioned in the linked page, check what their dependencies are. You can do that using either pacman or Pamac.


And maybe someone can tell me.
What is the default image viewer (and pdf reader and text editor (like mousepad in xfce) [don't want to create new post only for this question]) in cinnamon?

By default, the full edition of Cinnamon comes with Xviewer and Pix. You could try those (you do not have to install both of them if you do not want to).

The PDF reader is Xreader and the text editor is Xed.

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Shotwell can open nef files.

My DE is Xfce and I use many Gnome and QT applications. My PDF reader is Evince (Gnome's Document Viewer) and text editor is notepadqq which is a QT application. (also see evince-no-gnome from AUR)

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