I'm using Manjaro with Plasma and i'm having some problems with octopi

I'm tried to install some packages from aur and there's problem
I have installed pacaur and enabled aur repository on octopi but
i'm having some problems installing packages from aur .
The packages haven't verified succesfuly or something like that maybe there's a problem with the gpg keys ???
I removed octopi completely now and installed pamac-aur tried to install the packages i want
and it asked me to import gpg keys and imported the keys and the applications (4kyoutubemp3,ffmpeg2.8......) were installed succesfuly !!
I don't know what aur backed i should use for octopi , anyway i'm using pamac-aur for now.

You can use tryzen or yay.. but i don't think any of them will tell you to import keys if its needed.. you will have to check the error or the PKGBUILD to see the key to import manually in terminal and install afterwards

Thank you for your response, pamac-aur does the job right now , i want to ask you if you know...
..what if i install the pamac-qt with pamac-tray can i enable installing from aur repository from the pamac or i need to have the pamac-aur to do that ?

You don't have to install pamac from aur.

It is an official Manjaro application.

sudo pacman -Syu pamac-gtk

Pamac QT is in early preview - not a finished application.

Pamac GTK and Pamac QT is frontends using different toolkits for the UI.

The base is in pamac-common.

I'd like to add that the CLI version of pamac should already be there. At least it was on my recent KDE installation of RC5. So I didn't even bother messing with Octopi, enabling AUR and all that. Pamac CLI offers you just all the tools you'd ever need. I still prefer using pacman for official repositories packages though