I'm unhappy with the pace of stable branch updates

I like Manjaro but the holding back of updates is somehow annoying in a “rolling-release” distro. For example: Kodi has released version 19.3 in the repositories are still 19.1…

sure, and if you would have an nvidia card based on Kepler (for example 600 series) you wouldn’t be able to boot your system if the system would roll with the 495 drivers. It’s not only about your personal needs you know and there is some real work and effort behind in the first place that you should appreciate.


You can always change to testing or unstable branch and get updates early.



Thank you, I did now. Works fine for the moment :v:

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The apps there are not so tested as versions on stable are.

There are no any perfect non-buggy app with all options and usage combinations for every possible environment. So an app always buggy. Less tested means that possible bugs, lacks and side effects are less known and not fixed yet ever some simple to meet lacks.

While even on stable branch of updates sometimes there are issues +/- unsafe user choices, which could lead to non-bootable system, the risk on non-stable branch is a bit higher. So possible demand to have always-ready-to-use Manjaro LiveCD media based on recent ISO version is a bit higher comparing to other branches, so renew your ISO file there (or just add latest if you are using ventoy tool).

Before to switch better to understand that in case of possible troubles you need a bit better understanding how stuff works in general and to be ready to make internet search when you meet some issues and a bit experiment in try to fix it to a bit unload Manjaro team and community to make a research of an issue for every single user and instead of it to suggest them to do a hop over initial issue state to your current stage of your issue investigation. :+1:

Or you can be a bit more patient to wait an app version number increase (BTW, you wait for a new numbers of actual functionality is required to you?) in stable branch for a a few days, a week, couple of weeks, sometimes may be a bit more: it is a Manjaro staff decision which based on current bug reports state (they are fixed in upstream or still not), their severity, their dependencies, workload to answer to users to simple things instead of doing their complicated researching, building, testing, fixing, building, testing, etc. to ship new packages earlier, to develop sub-projects more effectively, to help upstream developers to fix their bugs by participation with debug info providing and suggestions in their discussion threads, etc.
It is also consume a time: to provide good/HQ debug info, to suggest a good idea it needs to do a research or to make a plan of how thing can work together, to review it later, to improve, etc. And all for… end users - themselves, you, him, her, me - all of us as target purpose of that work. Almost everyday work for how many time? Manjaro appeared… about 10 years ago? That’s not an average team can do it so long in that quality which we have as users.

So it’s up to you to switch or not, but if you switch to non-stable branch, please try to unload people there by some of your internal investigation of issues you meet there and to report that results on forum (probably announcement threads like this but the current thread is for stable branch only).

Thank you and good luck on your preferable way!

I bet you and I would be very welcomed to spend years working to gain dev experience and jump in on the Manjaro team to write and test updates. :grinning:


I guess it’s up what you want

  • always the latest version in the three minutes they’re appear limit a question of life and death, my 12.07.1 app is obsolete since 13:00 there is the 12.07.2 avaible and still no update avaible at 17:00, will i sleep tonight ?
  • or absolutely nothing matter being one two or even three weeks in late before updating with the win of stability in the purpose of what a rolling release is meant to be => running a marathon over years and never re-install

Both point of views have their arguments
Both point of views have their dedicated branch
Choose yours

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Lets also make clear - things like security patches are ‘rushed’ … so firefox, for example, will not be left in a vulnerable state.


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