I'm not prepared to maintain my Manjaro system therefore I'm retreating to Ubuntu

I tried Manjaro because it was “friendly” distro. Well it has been nightmare, I update some packages and my GNOME stops working , NVIDIA problems , Xorg problems… It has been very unstable to me , I am switching to Ubuntu , much larger community and way more stable. I dont care about the bloat , at least things work and updates wont create critical problems like you see in Arch distros. Such a crappy OS in my opinion.

Did you read the stable update info before updating?

Have a look at “Known issues and solutions”. See if that explains the problem.

Edit: Title changed to reflect the more likely scenario

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Not in the ‘Spongebob’ sense though.

I’m sorry about your issues

  • I didn’t buy NVidia when I rebuilt last year, so I’m feeling very smug about that.
  • I had no Xorg problems, but then I use KDE (not Gnome) and feel smug about that too.
  • I’ve been lucky in that, before updating I have checked the update thread (and have some hourly snapshots and daily backups to fall back on) and so far, nothing broke my system. Yup, you guessed it - feeling smug about that until something comes up and bites me.

However, I do understand you very clearly.

I see you diligently posted only 1 post whilst experiencing the issues - so helpful to the community. I’m sure you will be posting extremely well informed posts elsewhere, perhaps in the University of Reddit.

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Yet Another Pointless Rant. :roll_eyes: