I'm new here, and I already have a suggestion for the boot animation screen

I’m slowly documenting my new-to-Manjaro experience here: http://pjbrunet.com/manjaro-on-dell-inspiron-15-5568-is-flawless/

Basically, I chose Manjaro because Debian didn’t recognize my new laptop’s wifi hardware :wink: I would have stayed with Debian, only because I am so familiar with it, but the transition to Manjaro hasn’t been that difficult so far.

I don’t want to downplay recognizing my wifi hardware. That was a big deal. Debian wanted me to hunt down a half-dozen hard-to-find drivers, several of them didn’t exist, and I couldn’t even figure how to select the files off a USB stick. So I was VERY pleased that Manjaro simply recognized my Dell laptops wifi effortlessly.

That said, I had been wanting to try Manjaro after several people on Hacker News recommended it, and out of all the recommendations there, Manjaro had the most impressive website and teaser graphics. That was maybe two years ago, and just didn’t have a compelling reason to try a new distro, until a few days ago when I purchased a new laptop for work.

However, it’s not all daffodils and rainbows and I’ll try to be constructively critical. My first bit of criticism is the boot loading animation. I assume it hides all the ugly warning messages, and I like that. What I don’t like is, yesterday I came out of hibernation and the green animation went on and on and on, I started to panic. I didn’t know yet that “ESC” would show me an error message. Then it got worse, the screen went black. In retrospect, it was probably just the power saver turning off the screen, but I didn’t know that. I see a few problems here…

  1. I have a hunch that hibernation doesn’t work with the “encrypted disk” option, generally speaking I don’t think they play well together. I had the same problem with Debian with multiple laptops. No big deal, but some kind of warning during installation would be helpful. Or even better, somehow disable hibernation for users that choose the encryption option? Just throwing that idea out there. Or fix/diagnose the encryption-hibernation conflict, if that’s even possible.

  2. If I get a boot error, I think the animation should stop and I shouldn’t have to press ESC to see a critical error message. If first impressions are important, this isn’t a good first impression. Or maybe a temporary note at the bottom that fades away like, “Press ESC to watch the boot sequence.”

  3. Maybe disable the screen saver during the boot sequence?


Following up, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. Overall, I like Manjaro a lot.

The whisker menu is cool, the panel is fairly similar to my familiar Tint2. The main difference from Tint2, the tabs for the 2nd desktop are hidden on the 2nd desktop. Other than that, this panel is easier to configure and gets the job done.

I like the included dark theme. It didn’t take long for me to configure everything. I was very happy that pytyle works with XFCE.

(BTW, I tried all the dark themes I could find in “yaourt” and none of them are as nice as the default, IMO. However, one of them, I think “darkice” or “darksnow” really messed up my system and turned almost everything to black-on-black and I had to delete my XFCE config files and start over from skel.)

I was also thrilled that my brightness keys work, and my volume function keys work, as well as the hardware volume keys.

Also the “close lid to lock and suspend” works perfectly and that’s really a nice feature. It just works.


Panel Preferences > Items > Window Buttons > Edit > Select “Show windows from all workspaces”…

Hibernation should also be avoided in general, IMO.

I made the change, that was helpful, thank you!

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