I'm having problems with monitor resolution in Manjaro

Hi. I am having problems with the resolution in Manjaro. I assume this is because nvidia does not provide adequate support to my graphics card. I managed to change the resolution (1280x720 60) but the screen doesn’t fit! I’m using the “video-linux” graphics driver because if I switch to the “video-nvidia-340xx” graphics driver, I just can’t change the resolution with xrandr (and in monitor settings just have a minimal resolution available, something like 940x i dont remember ‘-’).

This is how the screen looks when i using “video-linux” with the resolution “1280x720 60”. You can see the screen perfectly fitted, but is not occupying the entire screen of my monitor.

img link bellow because i can’t post a image here :confused:
ht tps://drive.g oogle. com/file/d/1iUCEGqwdsf-_C67IjcicTsbtK4v94YSo/view?usp=shari ng

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open a terminal
can you report

inxi -Fza --no-host