I'm about to try using my laptop's screen and keyboard with the RPi III


Got the installation of Manjaro ARM working (again, didn’t work right away), now the test.
I’m going to follow these instructions

Anyone tried this setup?


Hi @Arkas

Sounds like a very interesting project.
How did it go?


It went as predicted, pretty well. However, carrying the PSU for the Pi and the laptop is counter productive. If I figure out a way to power the Pi from a USB port, then it would be perfect.


That’s gonna be tough, since the USB parts does not carry alot of amps, and the pi3B needs around 2 amps to run.


What about the pi zero W ? I have a USB-C port and was looking at all sorts of dongles.


There’s an overview here, but not sure how accurate it is, since it’s saying that the rpi3b will run on max 350 mA. Which means it should be able to be powered by a regular USB port.


Tried it, it didn’t work without its external PSU


Which is why I questioned how accurate the link is. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have run a Raspberry zero with a battery pack for a while. Not the same as running it from the Pinebooks USB port but ok. So that definitely works.


I tried mine using a USB 3.0 port, could that make a difference? I also have a USB-C port, but haven’t got the dongle to connect it to the Pi yet.


The USB ports in the Pinebook is USB2.


So then it should work on a USB 3 right? I also have a pi zero, but only tried it with the Pi3


Should work yes.

Haven’t tried myself though.


I’ll try it on the zero tomorrow, but I wonder why it didn’t work on the 3?
I also have somewhere a recharge bank, maybe I should try that as well.


That’s what I meant. I used the Pi zero with a rechargeable bank. That works.

The Pi 3 needs a bit more power than the zero, but still should work with a recharge bank.