Illyria Wallpaper Contest


Well, they better change their logo then :grin:

Seriously, though, I wasn’t aware of that, I’m sorry.
I only used the magnified ‘L’ from the illyria text.
I have replaced them now.

Disclaimer: None of my artwork are intended to depict, represent, refer to, hint to, or trying to remind of any symbols or logos (except for the various desktop and distro logos and the yin-yang symbol I made a wallpaper of). If they do, that is 1. purely coincidental and/or 2. just in your head.

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I added some more colours (although I prefer it to be more subtle).

Edit: Both this and the less colourful version are available in .png in my Illyria folder.



:slightly_smiling_face: That wallpaper is beautiful and refined-looking!






I’m almost without colors here, or very toned down, or dark-neutral. Same thing i look to themes, but what you did here is THE PERFECT one for it’s purpose and for sure many will very much like it! Has the “commercial” and the artistic look in great harmony. Good job!!!
L :heart: ve it !



I like the more subtle blue and green version too and would prefer to see that as default.

@oberon, @philm - can I request something regarding the default icon set? is it possible to have a Show Desktop icon that doesn’t feature the default wallpaper this release? it’s strange having that on screen when using another background.



I always thought such simple and handy things must be done with a keyboard shortcut, so there would be no need for any extra icon on a desktop. For example I use Meta+D as I used to do in Windows.

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I like this one also. We can have it in several colour variations if prefered. Layout looks great. Everyone has a different taste. Knock it out of the park. Also we have to see which sizes are needed. Maybe also without the logo as some prefer it that way.

As bonus we may even think about releasing the source code of the layers. This however is always up to you. Just a side note. Maybe an updated set of slides might accomplish your work :wink:



I think the little more color is good. Maybe for my everyday desktop I would also use the calmer one. But the default is also a little bit like a poster for an ad. I think it’s good when it tickles the eye a little… :wink:

In this I have used papirus-maia-icons



I have in 4K (4096x2164) and in the original resolution of 5080x2684. This should work.



Just upload it to 1920x1080 or for me to 4K 3840x2160 :wink: :slight_smile: if possible.



Look into my dropbox. There you find all my work I did for here in full resolution and downscaled to 4K.



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fair point, I can just remove the widget from KDE Panel. I keep forgetting that it is just a widget since I don’t normally mess with the layout of the Panel itself, just tinker with the widget settings.



When I saw that wallpaper I immediately knew I had to adjust my config to match that awesome wall.

The snippet below is from my polybar configuration - fork from Minimo - and I have done some color picking with gcolor2. I acknowledge I am with colors and graphics like a cow with a violin.

Could you please help me define these to use the correct naming and values?

My intention is to define the theme and then redefine elements to use a specific color. Don’t bother about the elements - I is the correct colors to use I am interested in. In advance - thank you :100:

; illyria wallpaper
teal = #00bad1
orange = #fc6806
yellow = #e8b800
green = #1ed2af
white = #a9bdc4
lightgrey = #97abb2
mediumgrey = #607d8b
darkgrey = #2f4048

red = #f90101
blue = #8fa1b3
pink = #bf616a
purple = #b48ead
orange = ${}
yellow = ${theme.yellow}

active = ${}
border = ${theme.white}
background = ${theme.darkgrey}
foreground = ${theme.white}
moderate = ${theme.yellow}
urgent = ${}
trim = ${theme.darkgrey}


Sure, here are the colour codes:
(actually, there are no pure, desaturated greys, they are all derivatives of adapta dark blue shades)

The top and bottom triangles and logo: 304048
The yellow stripe: gradient from bottom corner a07f00 to middle f0c100 to top corner c89f00
The maia stripe: gradient from 0f6957 to 1ed2b0 to 16a085
The two adapta stripes: gradient from 304048 in the corners to 62808e in the middle
The adapta light blue stripe: gradient from 006a78 to 00bcd4
The orange stripe: gradient from c85000 to ff6905
I cannot give you an exact value for the light background, because there is a noise texture on the top of another layer (plus the grid), so I could also only give you an approximate value based on colour picking, but due to the noise, it varies based on where your picker is placed.

I uploaded the .png version to my Illyria folder.
(I also slightly modified two older ones there - I just noticed some gradient banding in the bottom right corner that I got rid of).

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I added some orange to the previous version but I didn’t like it then so I removed it but now I have to admit you are right on the colour front :slightly_smiling_face:

I made a lock/login-screen version, but from the previous, less colourful one as I think it suits the login-screen “paradigm” better. But any suggestions are welcome.


Call for Wallpaper Submissions for AdaptaBreath Theme

What I meant was not resolution but the aspect ratio! When I want to create a 1920x1080 version, the height is not sufficient. Like that I have to cut off bits on either side.
See what I mean:




That realy realy looks great! I do realy like that one!



I agree. It’s very stylish. The color combination is awesome!