Illyria Wallpaper Contest


Take the original from here:

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revised version of manjaro-maia.png with repositioned manjaro text

without text -


Some more work


So far really great artwork.

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I scratched that beta and went back to the drawing board.

(The blue is adapta’s light blue, I found it too monotone having the second stripe also in maia, but orange was too harsh)


Just an advice (for everyone): When placing objects (logo, text, other) near the edge of the image, consider the possibility that there may be a panel or dock there that will cover it, so leave enough space for those.

@micsim35 I like that ‘net’ background. I think it could also work on its own, with just the manjaro text as a minimalistic wallpaper/login/lock screen. Maybe with the logos under the ‘manjaro’ coloured maia.


Another font-based, futuristic-minimalistic one


Logo placement is a very fiddly one. I decided that last image was probably better without because getting it positioned for every possible screen resolution, desktop environment layout and login screen is an absolute nightmare. most login screens actually apply the logo themselves. for lock screens, they also have different layouts. in nearly all instances of login and lock screens, dead centre won’t work as it will be covered by GUI elements. put it too far to one side and if ‘scale and crop’ does just that, it will get cut off or be hidden completely from view.

here’s the net with a logo on. I positioned it to be centre below the GTK lockscreen elements as per this screenshot

the net only image itself:

the pattern in png format with transparent background, feel free to use it everyone if you so wish


Yeah, I know, that’s why I sometimes make a logoless lockscreen version.

It won’t be cut off, though, if used on a screen with a resolution that’s proportional to the image (either the same or proportionally bigger or smaller) and with ‘Zoom’ (or equivalent).

I meant something like this, btw


it looks quite nice like that, I think the manjaro text would be better in a slightly lighter shade to make it stand out more. what I meant about the logo being too far to the right (which it isn’t where you put it) is for example centOS 7’s default desktop which is done in 16:10 format. on my 5:4 1280x1024 monitor it’s scaled and cropped by MATE DE so half the logo is missing as a result.



I know, that’s why I said if the height-width proportions are the same or similar. If not, then they will be cropped and unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it apart from tweaking the wallpaper. If it wasn’t made by you, what you can do is crop the image in a graphics software in a way that the logo falls within the image borders.

I tried the above with a lighter ‘manjaro’, but I preferred it to be the same colour as the ‘net’ as it’s more subtle this way and the maia logos are already directing the attention there. Furthermore, the ‘manjaro’ standing out more would also make the maia logos stand out less, and I wanted the effect that if you just casually glance at it, especially from a distance, only the maia logos stand out, then when you look at it closer you see the manjaro.


Kagome style pattern, light and darker bordered versions

light version

darker version


Ok, i’ll try to make a wallpaper after all the time wasted saying, “nah i’ll do it tomorrow”, got a preview though. PD:Inkscape doesn’t have anything compact in the ui(not even with an external monitor that’s 1366x768) and i think they should re-do the UI.

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That pattern has a lot of power to it, and can be tweaked to have more “randomness” … so is not so repetitive visually in an uniform way


I really like this! I always find myself switching wallpapers because the logo gets in the way when I am searching for apps.


i did it that way because it’s not some random pattern. Kagome is a strong Japanese basket weave that has been utilised by physicists for a new quantum electronic material structure. therefore like the source that inspired it it’s meant to be uniform and powerful. while it may not be to everyone’s tastes that is the reason behind the wallpaper design


I wasn’t questioning you’r reasons for making it that way, nor dismiss the design as it is … Actually i was quite pleased to see that by rotating the display of that pattern in your design you didn’t make use of the actual symbolism behind Kagome one … but i will not discuss about that here … I liked your submission already :slight_smile:
My remark was strictly as a humble opinion, and because i also like patterns, i was sharing something that somebody else did and pushed the design, enriching the visuals (even tho that is as subjective as someone can be).


i love it. please share the completed version?
and i agree, inkscape’s interface really does suck


Thanks. I wasn’t going to go forward with that version, but I have now re-made it for you
I didn’t like the shadows, so it’s just flat and simple.

(btw, it may look like these are all greys, but actually they are shades of adapta dark blue, although you will only really notice it when you put it next to something grey)