[Illyria] Manjaro KDE v18.0-rc1 online now!



Hi community,

it is now a long time ago I felt the need of announcing one of our development releases. However, with all the changes we did so far, it is time to do so.


  • we are using now linux419 kernel series, which is the next LTS release by upstream.
  • grub automatically hides the menu when Manjaro is installed as single OS. Use holding shift or pressing F8 to display grub-menu.
    • last beta we had issues with grub-quiet package. With this ISO, we hope to have it fixed now.
  • we added a feature to display the manufacturer logo of your UEFI-BIOS thru-out the boot process.
  • currently we ship with Plasma 5.13.5, but plan to release Illyria with v5.14.1 packages.
  • lot of changes went into Octopi. (shipping with Pamac-QT might happen in a later point-release of v18.0 series)

So tell us how you like our v18.0 development release so far and what we might still need to fix.

Best, Philip


hi @philm, is this install media same as manjaro testing? also, when would kde plasma 5.14 be available; i just read the release announcement of 5.14.


When it’s ready. Same as every other time someone asks this question for whatever bit of software has just been released.



small issue: settings from live session like language seem not to be transferred into calamares.


seems faster.


You can track it yourself … it is in Arch Testing now.


Path is Arch Testing -> Arch Stable -> Manjaro Unstable -> Manjaro Testing -> Manjaro Stable.


Installed Illyria rc1 last night on my Thinkpad W530 and it was a thing of beauty. Installing the proprietary Nvidia-Intel graphics driver still breaks having multiple monitors however. But I’m really fine without it, Nouveau seems fine to me.


What do you mean? A hybrid bumblebee setup or nvidia-prime? I had various issues with prime + 2 displays on another distros, but Manjaro has bumblebee out of the box, and it works almost perfectly.


hi have install RC1 on my hp have have logo fine is good but i see the grub for what see grub ?
Is no a silent or quiet grub ?



Is Manjaro the only installed OS? If not, you will see grub. However, you can also hide it there by issuing sudo grub-editenv - set menu_auto_hide=2 && sudo update-grub


What is the default theme for the new release? Thanks!


Of course, Jonathon is correct when he wrote, “When it’s ready”, but to emphasize, you asked your question in a thread about the stable release candidate. As you know, Plasma releases follow a Fibonacci sequence, so the .1 and .2 releases occur in the first two weeks after the .0 release. So, it is possible that in the promotion sequence he points to, perhaps in Manjaro Testing, some huge problem is discovered, and it is prudent for the Manjaro Devs to wait a week for the .1 release or another week for the .2 release before Plasma 5.14.x lands in Manjaro Stable.


Yes only have Manjaro KDE on this pc


Have try your command but is not work i see the grub
And no have update or install software is a clean install have no touch the os.

Best Regards


Please add secure boot support for new pc to no touch the bios is better for install on new pc and thanks for logo view is very great work and is better to see that !
And please remove octopi pamac is better for manage manjaro.


Hybrid Bumblebee. I haven’t had enough time to really play around with it and troubleshoot - I simply click on the ‘automatically install proprietary driver’ at the top-left and it seems to select the correct option. That being said I may be doing it wrong. For comparison installing the proprietary Nvidia driver on Linux Mint always works flawlessly, but overall I far prefer Manjaro :slight_smile:


Plasma 5.14 and KDE Apps 18.08.2 now in unstable, these should hopefully make it into the Manjaro KDE 18.0 final release.


18.0 will wait until kernel 4.19 is released, since Manjaro want to ship with the latest LTS. :slight_smile:


Hm… I have similar setup. My external monitor is plugged via HDMI, Nvidia is activated through Bumblebee the same way as yours, and I have nothing to complain about so far. Could you describe your issue with multiple monitors’ setup? As for Mint, I guess they use Prime technology, which is made in a quite stupid way - it needs rebooting just to switch primary GPU, but it is at least an official way provided by Nvidia.


Is Breath continuing to be the default theme for new installs? Just curious, as I try to keep my old rolling release install up with the times. Thanks.