[Illyria] Manjaro Gnome v18.0-rc1 online now!



Hi community,

it is now a long time ago I felt the need of announcing one of our development releases. However, with all the changes we did so far, it is time to do so.


  • we are using now linux419 kernel series, which is the next LTS release by upstream.
  • grub automatically hides the menu when Manjaro is installed as single OS. Use holding shift or pressing F8 to display grub-menu.
  • we added a feature to display the manufacturer logo of your UEFI-BIOS thru-out the boot process.
  • the theme changed to Arc modified by @ste74 using our Maia colors.
  • manjaro-hello can now install packages as needed.
  • currently we ship with Gnome 3.30.1 packages.
  • we added a tool to get back to Gnome Vanilla look with ease.
  • lot of changes went into Pamac.

So tell us how you like our v18.0 development release so far and what we might still need to fix.

Best, Philip

No login screen after latest 18.0.0 update

Just installed this. So far no issues. Great job, thanks!


Looking good, working good !!! I like the switch to arc-maya theme variants and if GDM theme will look the same, it would be absolutely perfect :smiley:
In that regard, maybe arc themes will get better on KDE too, have the same cure as Adapta had :slight_smile:


Is it possible to get this tool on Hakoila?


I installed 18.0-rc1 on real hardware (i5-5200U, 16GB, SSD) and found an “enormous delay” at log in (12 sec. black screen after giving password and ENTER).
Trying to change the desktop background freezes the “Setting-Tool”, by choosing “Desktop”. It’s possible to change the picture via “Tweaks” - Appearance.
Grub still shows the menu, even though there is only one OS available.


I installed Gnome 18.0 RC1 onto a spare SATA drive, and the install itself was fine for me. But there were a few things that I found ‘different’ compared to the Gnome 17.1.12 I have on another drive. I set a dark theme throughout, but the arc menu itself stayed white. I also changed font sizes all round (old age lol), but again it didn’t change the size of fonts in the arc menu. I also found the general font size of the login and some notifications to be way too small. The Tweak tool, though, was really useful for a lot of the adjustments I needed to make. I did download Mint stick from the Welcome applications, but it wouldn’t let me add it to Favourites, although it did let me make Thunderbird (which I also added from the Welcome app) a Favourite. Go figure. For some reason, I couldn’t find where to modify settings to allow numlockx to load at login. I’m sure I managed that on the 17.1.12 disk lol. Otherwise a really nice job. I’m not really much of a Gnome fan, but Manjaro Gnome is ‘different’… it allows me to be a mouse-point-click person rather than a keyboard warrior lol.



You have to choose Ara-Maia-Dark for shell’s theme to turn arc menu dark


Does Gnome v18.0-rc1 use new lock screen?


Freshly installed on my laptop and used a few hours. So far so good.

The new Arc-Maia theme is more compact then Adapta-Nokto-Maia, very suitable for my 1366x768 screen. And I prefer Arc-Maia-Dark whereas Arc-Maia is too bright. Some may not like the purple-grey color of the theme which doesn’t match majoro’s style but it is still fine for me. The green, square highlight of the dock icons is nicer than the grey circle btw.

Battery life seems improved a lot, maybe because of the more resource-efficient GNOME 3.30. My laptop couldn’t last over 3.5hrs on Manjaro GNOME 17.1.2 but now I still have over 50% battery after 2.5hrs use on battery.

@roachsinai There’re new wallpapers for background and lockscreen. Like this



When Illyria go into stable release automatically i switch the settings from hakoila to Illirya so yes…


Yep, that made it all dark :slight_smile: This time, numlock came on and stayed on of its own accord… I’m sure that wasn’t happening after the initial install when I restarted it a couple of times. For me, at my age, the arc menu print and some of the notifications etc are way too small… and I’m not really a fan of the standard Gnome global menu style, but even though he icons in that are quite large, the print is still tiny.



I don’t have a numpad so I’m not sure with that.

Indeed the font is tiny in the new arc menu. I has’t find any setting about its font yet.

Font rendering is another thing I want to point out. The font seems not sharp enough compare with Ubuntu. I think Manjaro team should do something on that.


Things we don’t need. If someone wants his computer to behave like windows, he/she is free to use windows. It is a health and ready check at every reboot. Why is it you waste resources on useless stuff like this? Please do us all a favor and turn this off by default. This forum will be flooded with help requests otherwise.


Hello, I’m new to Manjaro and Linux too basically.
When would Illyria- Manjaro Gnome go stable ?
Really happy with my experience in KDE so far but I liked Gnome a bit more, so just wondering how soon can I expect it.



Installed successfully in a vm, but I had difficulties with Calamares recognizing my hard drive’s partitions during manual partitioning.

Also tried the resetting tool. Very nice!

Edit: Re-copied the iso to usb using dd, then manually edited partitions before installing, and there’s no hang this time.


Can you change the wallpapers on the login screen? (Not of the animation ) Of the screen where we have to type password.???


Does the resetting tool switch the display server to Wayland also.


See my last comment

and also take a look at an older discussion for more details about the GDM theme.


No this is work for the final User… We can know the hardware where our gnome is installed :wink:


@Ste74, the description of the reset tool states that it is undoing extensions and configurations done by manjaro team. If the extensions part is clear, I wonder what are other configurations done by you?

E.G. previously there was the script killing the zombie shell, etc. ( I guess this is fixed now)…

I tried live iso, but it did not affect as I needed restart. Apart from that I did not encounter any issues.