Ignoring a package group


Suppose I put into /etc/pacman.conf this line:

$ IgnorePkg texlive-most

Will it suffice? Or do I have to ignore every package of the texlive-most group explicitly?

Since texlive-most is a package group, It needs to be added to IgnoreGroup. Only individual packages can be added to IgnorePkg.

IgnoreGroup = texlive-most

:warning: Disclaimer: Holding back packages can cause a partial upgrade state which is not supported. Things can and will break eventually.


Thanks! One can buy time, at least :slight_smile:

This is obviously an XY Problem. The real question is, why do you think you need to hold these packages back? That’s a discussion for a new topic, however. :wink:

TexLive updates are so destructive that I got a habit of installing TexLive from the official media only. I’ve got a 7000+ line file full of tables which builds correctly only on TexLive 2018-, for instance.

Now it’s Raspberry Pi 4 installation and I have to deal with the official repositories. At the very least, I don’t want to get disabled the day somebody else decide.

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