If you want Windows with Linux base now you can

Ubuntu succeeding where the Windows store failed? Some people love Snap.

I love garlic but not everyone likes my breath.


Preventive measures for Covid?

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No, I just like it, as opposed to a certain DT, who swallows everything. .


Apologies in advance for the screenshot, I just wanted to prove that I did in fact, capture this advertisement in the wild. Iā€™m waiting for the wedding between these two at this rate :laughing:


I've figured for several years now that Shuttleworth's long term business plan was to cuddle up to M$ and sell out to them for an obscene profit.

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I thought it was Amazon? Didn't he get some heat for linking up Amazon inside his buntu (that sounded dirty, btw.)


Yes that was his first big mistake that cost Ubuntu a lot of loyal users. That really alienated people from wanting to use Ubuntu.

No, what I'm referring to is just my own personal inkling of the direction Ubuntu was heading for at least several years. Ubuntu has been trying to increase profitability to make it more attractive for sale IMO. The logical purchaser in my mind is Microsoft. That is just the way it has appeared to me for quite some time now.

I could be totally wrong, but as time goes on that is what all the signs point to in my mind.


I can understand wanting similar for ease of use and familiarity but making it look identical too Windows or Mac os makes no sense.

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