If system going to sleep when it updating nvidia graphic driver breaking

Please turn off system blocking when it’s updating!
OC Manjaro Linux KDE btrfs
GPU Nvidia 1650
Driver 515 prime
PS: I don’t need help

Apparently you do, because the system does not go to sleep on its own account without that you’ve told it to. :man_shrugging:

Either way, the recommended way to update your machine is from a tty while completely logged out of your GUI environment, because as long as you are in the GUI environment, lots of system libraries will be in use that will be overwritten during the update, and lots of processes will be running whose in-memory data won’t correspond anymore to the new version installed during the update.

Log out of Plasma, switch to a tty, log in there as yourself, and update your system with pacman, pamac or yay. Let the update take its time — however long it needs — and then cleanly reboot. Do not power down the system or press the reset button while the system is updating.