If I Can't Ask Questions On a Topic Why Would I Trust It?


just received this link via email and would like to ask a couple of question, but i see no comment button.


Seriously, what are you on about dude?

Are you just trolling, or do care to expand a bit on your question.


You got an email notification of a new post in the #announcements category?

Which bit don’t you trust, exactly?


Never trust anything that is send to you in your email. You need to learn how to check integrity of the attached links.
For learning, you are the one responsible…
Do you need advice on that?


In this forum there is no comment button - due to the infamous trolling - it is disguised as reply.


seriously, thg why be an ass for no legitimate reason.


jonathon all it was was a link to a post about a new release with no information about it, nor any way to get information on it. no one in their right mind would download much less install it with no real information on it.


petsam i got the link from a trusted site(this forum to be specific). your assumption that i don’t know how to be sage on line is ASININE.


Maybe you have subscribed to the Announcement RSS feed?

The post itself, does not contain much else that links so…


exactly strit, but no i never do rss.


What about your notification settings for the Announcement category?
is that set to email you?
You know like [Watching].


only for topics i’ve created being posted to or for topics i’ve replied to not rss feed.


Check the email header. It should show the sender domain address. If it is from manjaro[dot]org then it is from the forum.


So, you got a notification email about a new Announcement post, same as for any category you have set up for email notifications. It wasn’t an invitation to e.g. “click here and enter your password to download the new Manjaro!!!” so I’m not quite sure what the issue is.

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