Ideas for the gnome edition


Seems kinda nice. How well maintained/popular is it? The default theme in the edition needs to be one of the ones that don’t break with gnome and gtk updates.


In some regards yes, but try to build a theme based on another color-scheme and see that you have to edit some stuff for GTK2 like Gimp and Inkscape to display nicely … What it does “better” is the nicer contrast in Files between the side menu and where the files are displayed. Then you have to edit the part for the Shell to be in the same family of colors.

The simples way to edit/create a theme is by using the Oomox as i already mentioned here
I can provide a few test i did and balanced them visually, but once again, most is personal taste, and darker themes.
Adapta uses the Google color palette from Material design. Materia took some elements into it’s design, but it fails in some regards to GTK2, and also doesn’t have an mouse-over state for assets like Adapta does.


Honestly since all other main Edition is in White version i could considering to switch into White version also in gnome and leave User free to choice what is better for him…


But most of gtk2 apps with dark theme has terrible look. I think, it would be better to use gtk3 app with dark and gtk2 with lighter theme:


I always use a dark theme myself, but it would provide a consistency of look across all three main desktop environments.


Mixing the two would make for an inconsistent desktop experience. I know personally I would find it jarring. It would be “off to dig for a consistent theme” for me.


It can be a workaround, but i draw in MyPaint and Gimp then switch to Krita (Qt5) … and that switch for me sometimes is after 5 minutes of making some modifications … makes my eyes go nuts, that is why the themes must have a similar look (same for menu, icons, selected items). The same happens with the rest of the system theme, and i need to keep it neutral is some regards. But that’s just me. Some people can handle those switches better, do not have bad eyes as i do. Also they might finish an illustration/drawing in 3-4 hours and is not such a big effort for their eyes.


I think xfce and kde edition mix light and dark elements in a way that is not entirely pleasant. I think it is best to have consistently light or consistently dark theme.


if you use dark theme, or not, you always see apps with light theme. For example teamviewer 13 :smile:


Also, Office apps. Theme is dark, but the page is bright white.


Also, is something to keep in mind for Gnome, some parts of the themes can be altered by the extensions

this is not the only example, there are plenty. While i was making some tests and changes, the Dots for opened applications and the Dash got duplicated even after i restarted the shell (Alt+F2 then r then Enter)
And i found out the theme wasn’t quite ok. The memory footprint in some cases increase just because of the theme (this is just an empirical observation), then some of the user dialog look a bit strange because are mixing with those handled by shell (authentication) …

Hehe … that is why on my production rig there is no such thing :smiley:


New theme Qogir was created yesterday. I liked so much, but this needs heavy development:


This is now an old question but I hope there is still some interest in it.

Ideally, for accessibility reasons, there should be more high-contrast colour schemes. Currently, when you turn on “High Contrast” in the Universal Access settings, you get a black-on-white colour scheme. What’s missing are schemes that provide white text on a black background, yellow text on a black background or light green text on a black background (see the high contrast themes on Windows). Themes like this are important for low-vision users, for whom this is not simply a matter of taste.

When you go to “Appearance” in the Gnome Tweak tool, you can choose “HighContrastInverse” to get white text on a black background, but this is something that should be provided in the Universal Access settings instead of in the optional Gnome Tweak tool.

Strictly speaking, this should be addressed upstream by the Gnome project, but I’ve been waiting for this for years now …


The actual theme is perfect and the colour green actual is perfect…You do gnome with good style what one fix good with manjaro style too. Themes is something what users can change for they self…About themes always is just preference and there is a easy way to change them…