Ideas for the gnome edition


Illyria is approaching, and I was thinking it would be good to have a thread to discuss ideas for it.

Here are some of mine (in descending order of personal importance) :

  • Use silent boot. Because we kill gdm when starting gnome, tty flashes for a while when logging in. With silent boot, this is would nonintrusive. It’s just some kernel parameters and doing fsck with a systemd service instead of initcpio hook:
  • Add gsconnect, not enabled but included in the full profile
  • use system theme in gnome-terminal for better colors.
  • consider using another theme or tweaking the current one. Adapta-maia uses sickly green in active fonts a bit too much.
  • Disable animation for opening the overlay application menu from dock? Not sure about this one. IMHO the animation takes too long and is laggy on many systems.



Interesting … we can do it …

Yep i agree with this if is good maintained in upstream why not :wink:

Now is set to solarized right ? ( maybe i have to see in the settings :roll_eyes: )

Uhmm … for this i’m not sure because in our team you know no one of us is a “designer” … We can switch in other theme but we need a simple way to maintain and for now adapta is good because the author Tista is more active and in our end we only recolor the theme…

I 'm to leave the decision at the final user…


Solarized is ok too. The current one is not.

Good point. Stability of the theme is paramount.

Can we look a bit into tweaking the recoloring process? I think the theme is 98% excellent and 2% disturbing, with a bit too much of a wrong shade of green. If we can recolor that 2%, I think it would be great.

I’ll try to elaborate what I mean with screenshots tomorrow, so we can discuss if it is something worth trying to do.


There are a couple of suggestions here.


I am for adding gsconnect, but if the idea is to consistent with the KDE edition and provide similar functionality, then it needs to be enabled by default as is kdeconnect in Plasma edition.

agree on tweaking the theme. Especially when one uses the night light (redshift), it becomes hard to distinguish folders (selected / not selected). but this is an issue with many (dark) themes.

while on we talk about themes. I think that is good that adwaita them is also included in the iso (it was removed at one moment), but the adwaita shell theme is missing. This, I think, should also be added.

Also, the wallpapers included in the iso needs to be renewed. (there are some with text - Manjaro Gnome Community edition).

Personally, I would switch of panel model from dash to dock and enable intelhide. But this is more like personal preference, as the current defaults remind me Unity, which I never liked :slight_smile:


This combination screeenshot shows both of what I consider to be problem areas: The screen locking, log out and power buttons. Could we make them the same white color that all the other icons are? I think they would fit in better.


Also here, could we make the text white instead of light green? The selected background is already green, green on green is weird for the eyes.


Maybe @bogdancovaciu or @jeyhunn can look into it if have time or maybe any tip where we can find this settings into the css ( or sass ) files …


The Adapta theme is nice, i like it too, but as was mentioned by @Chrysostomus - sometimes there is too much green. I said that too.

More here:

I don’t know why @jeyhunn removed his comment because partially he is correct. The problem is when you generate the theme, some assets must be edited in text format in the .svg files, otherwise it will not work as expected. Also, while coloring the theme and following the same logic as the Adapta, the result is not quite the expected one. After a few trial and errors the css files need editing too, so you end up working for the theme a couple of days to get it right. Not sure if this will be suitable for maintenance.
Same deal if someone uses the Oomox to generate a theme based on Materia.

I was looking into this every day, but yet i can’t conclude with a positive remark, also sometimes the themes look off in other DE’s, and that is not ok.


Because accent_label_color doesn’t affect this problem. I tested.


I don’t know what exactly you changed there, but is using more than that, and also that is strictly for the GTK3+
For GTK2 you have the and
Apparently (i can’t be sure) is using the mix of them at one point in rendering the theme, but all the asset files (* must be edited in text editor (like Mousepad, Atom etc) and replace colors there. If you edit the file with Inkscape the compilation ends in error.


It is upstream issue. The accent color is teal. Gnome-shell sliders, icons that you mentioned use accent color. I changed this for test. It looks like this:


Changing only accent_label_color fix this issue, but changing accent_color affects icons that you mentioned, button (not all - logout, restart, install, cancel dialog buttons) hover, click colors.


Part of that is handled by shell … so, check for the same thing in shell/sass/common/_colors.scss, and also see my above post for the assets.


I already changed. Correct, some part of that handled by shell. Problem is that shell control items ( for example sliders) get accent color from shell/sass/common/_colors.scss, not from svg file. You see above my screenshot.


Yes, but to get the unified look for Tweak Tool or Gnome Settings, and also some of the GTK2 and GTK3+, the asset files need editing too.
Also, pay attention that if you use the lighter version of the theme … some elements will become not visible …


That would be kinda showstopper. Basic usability must come before esthetics.

Btw, @Ste74, have you noticed that some text fields in Firefox are unreadable with current theme?


For me this makes more sense:

it works for the lighter version too, even tho i never use lighter versions. Also, i think the fafbfc to f7f9f9 and c9c9c9 are way to much “white” even for a light theme. But that’s me.


Yeah, brighter green also works better than the current one.


I think, materia theme has better design than Adapta: