Ideas for the future Manjaro gnome edition layout

There have been ideas going around about the future direction of Manjaro gnome edition.

The current default setup has many extensions enabled and has some challenges:

  • Many extensions make the desktop more prone to breakage and cause more work for the stable update when gnome has a major update
  • Extensions increase shell startup time by 50-100% and make the desktop less responsive on low powered systems
  • Arc-menu is difficult to use when it is so close to the hot corner

Here are some ideas for improvement:

  • drop gnome-shell-extension-openweather, because gnome-weather already integrates with gnome-shell
  • Disable user-themes extension, users can enable it if they want to
  • Disable drive-menu, because that functionality is now provided by dash-to-dock
  • Disable appindicator extension because it is not used for anything by default
  • Either disable Arc-Menu OR move it out of the top left corner. Arc-menu works better with dash-to-panel than dash-to-dock

Here are some layouts that work with these ideas:

Traditional desktop, consistent with other official editions

Ubuntu style, lighter and closer to our current layout

Mac style

Closer to vanilla with dock

What kind of layout would you prefer?

  • Current one
  • Traditional desktop
  • Mac style
  • Closer to vanilla
  • Something else, what?

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It doesn't matter so much if you can implement the layout switcher and if possible integrate it or at least link to it from the Welcome screen?

End users can choose which they prefer. Stick with the current layout and let users pick for themselves rather than wasting your effort re-configuring something that isn't particularly broken.

I ticked traditional because I've been getting new users interested in Linux via Zorin of late. That image is pretty close to their setup and very easy for incoming Windows users to adapt to in a matter of minutes. I'll probably get lambasted for saying it but it is one of the most familiar desktop layouts around and what the majority of new users find comfortable as a result.


It's familiar only cause of windows, i left windows and avoid such windows style interfaces :crossed_fingers:the best way is just vanilla gnome with possibility to change it with some scripts in Hello menu, if user wants it.


That's what Xfce, Cinnamon and MATE are for. :wink:

Would be better to stick to the default gnome layout and disabling most of the extensions.
Maybe useful to have user themes and Removable devices alone enabled ? Maybe...Other menu and status indicators should be disabled but installed ready to be used....

When I say should it is more geared towards can be :stuck_out_tongue:


IMHO this has no sense at all, Manjaro should find its own the only layout to stick with. Frankly, I thought it already had it. There should be just a way (meaning Gnome Tweak tool and Dash to Panel extension) to easily relocate the dash and tray according to user's preferred layout. The end user will find it - Gnome isn't that complicated to get lost in settings lol.

Voted for traditional though because in the world of multi-monitor setups having a vertical panel is just a huge usability flaw.


My POV :+1: this poll surprise a bit

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Vanilla XFCE, MATE and GNOME actually copy various generations of Macintosh interfaces which isn't necessarily any better. All can be made to resemble Windows just like the traditional layout above, which is what Manjaro maintainers have done and are considering for GNOME by the looks of it. The exception is Cinnamon which is Vanilla layout.

It gives an insight into their target audience doesn't it if XFCE and MATE are pre-configured to look like Windows by Manjaro. Making GNOME do the same would be a uniform approach but as I stated in the main part of my comment it is probably best left alone and let the users decide with a layout switcher. I knew people who seem to think Windows UI is the root of all evil (and users who come from it should be scraped off the bottom of their shoes) would focus on the one part of my comment and seemingly ignore the rest though.

i3 and Awesome WM are the closest to Xerox Alto so everyone should be using them? That would be amusing, it wouldn't bother me one jot as I like i3 too. People can and should use what they are most comfortable with. By market share that's Windows like it or not, so implementing that layout removes barriers to potential users which is why manjaro is configured the way it is across so many desktops.

Neither approach is right or wrong per say, why do you think it's been brought up for vote and discussion?

@openminded suggested exactly the same as me.


Vanilla Gnome is best. It is a pain having to disable extensions I do not use (most of them). Removing them usually results in their re-installation after an update (so frustrating). I like my Gnome like my ice cream, Vanilla. :wink:


Do you know, that there is cleanup-manjaro-gnome exactly for that purpose? IIRC it is even preinstalled in the GNOME edtion:


Cheers m8, TIL there is a Vanilla Manjaro Gnome.

Ok let me explain my vision... When adopted gnome de the old maintainer was Rob ( core team member ). This edition was vanilla as you can install via fedora ; no extensions and no theming. When adopted and following the "enjoy the simplicity" i tweked to offer gnome a good place for newbie with gnome; not all users are linux master and most can comes with Windows or Mac and honestly with or without cleanup-manjaro-gnome app is easy make gnome vanilla...
I hope this my intent was good but no idea if have succesfull or not i can only see not most request to help for gnome breking during update ( i speak with our default install or with our shipped extensions ) but is possible because gnome is not more popular or because really work great...
Another think was no offer a clone of other gnome tweaked shipped via other minor distro because i think we are to find the way to offer a unique experience and not a clone of Ubuntu or Zorin or other gnome distro.

I m open, in any case, to improve what i have do in this years... So without come gnome fanboy post what default configuration is better for Manjaro philosophy ... I'm at work so don't answear quickly but i can read all ..


I suggested it day before yesterday and nobody objected. In Finland we have a saying: "Silence is the sign of agreement". I figured that since Unix commands operate with same principle, Linux community must be the same :slightly_smiling_face:

Not vote, poll. @Ste74 makes the decisions in the end, I'm just gathering ideas for him to work with. I want the Gnome edition to be the best desktop that it can be, and I think listening to the community is a key component to that goal.

I think it makes sense that Manjaro should have its own unique identity. However, I think we can maybe improve the usability still. I think that the current gnome edition is great and it can be even better in the future.


Is the only difference between Mac and Vanilla style the position of the dock? If so I would prefer the dock on the bottom (Mac style). As someone who never used a Mac it still feels more natural to have it on the bottom than to the side.

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Oh now I get it. Originally I thought you just felt like 'why not share another "Opulent October" screenshot' haha. They look awesome enough to showcase them there.
BTW we have the same saying in Russia :wink:

As to my suggestions, the only thing I can think about atm is to make the dock or panel horizontal.

I like Mac version.

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We vote in elections we go to polling stations to cast a vote. Therefore offering a poll for users to pick options from is asking for votes from available options. Technically both describing it as a public vote and a poll are correct, I guess it's a language quirk :man_shrugging:

Yes, it most likely got moved to the side by Ubuntu and then copied by Ste74 in that position because 16:9 screens can be better utilised that way by maximising vertical pixels available for document and web page viewing. I agree bottom dock with Autohide is nicer though.


I like them all!! A a tool to switch the layouts similar to what Ubuntu Mate provides would be a good option.


Please do not mimic Windows or Mac. XFCE and KDE are better suited for that.
GNOME must be its own thing.
That's why I came back to it recently after using alternatively XFCE then MATE then KDE since 2011.
Therefore I vote for the current Manjaro theme (I like it) with ALL unnecesary extensions NOT activated by default (to get more stability and lower memory footprint as I own and operate a collection of low powered and old hardware)
And no Arc Menu also, as I disable it anyway because it is not GNOME enough for me.

And thanks for taking the input of the community, that's why I love Manjaro !


Please don't drop the gnome-shell-extension-openweather.

Gnome- shell-extension-openweather has a lot of advantages compared to gnome weather , like personnel weather API key from darksky


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