Ideapad 5 14are05 touchpad randomly failing

Hi, I am restarting this topic after all accounts were deleted.
On my ideapad 14are05 the touchpad is randomly failing on some boots. However, if it works, it keeps working until I reboot. In the cases when it does not work I get some strange “AMD:0001:00 controller timed out” messages during shutdown. It’s the same in all distros and all kernels since 5.6. Everything older does not work at all with my hardware.

I have the same issue and have no idea now

Does this happen:

  • Warm reboot from Manjaro to Manjaro
  • Warm reboot to Windows and then back into Manjaro
  • Cold reboot


Note: I’m asking 3 questions here, so try all three scenarios and then feed back with Yes, no,no or yes, no, yes or whatever… :innocent:

It seems a known and, unfortunately, so far unresolved issue with this laptop (I have the same) and several other models which use the MSFT touchpad.
There are several bug reports, e.g. here or here.
Whether it works or not at boot seems completely random, but if it works, it usually keeps on working fine and without issues (which gives me some hope it will be fixed eventually).
A cold reboot seems to increase the probability for it to come back if it is not working.

P.S.: If you have problems with suspend not really suspending (the power led should start slowly pulsing), have a look at the Arch wiki entry for the laptop, that helped me.

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I think linux5.9 completely fixed the issue for me. I have not had a single failure for a few days. I also tried 5.7 as a check and there were a few failures. However, due to the random behavior of the issue, I am not totally sure yet. Maybe someone can confirm this

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Hi, it looks like the linux 5.9rc1 fixed the issue for me as well.