Icons in Konsole are not being displayed properly


I have recently updated my system earlier ago and I have noticed that the icons that show on the left side in Konsole are not being displayed correctly when using Hack 11pt font.
If someone has a solution to my problem, let me know!

Um, use a different font, then? I use Droid Sans Mono.

Wasn’t Hack the default font for the base Konsole profile? I think so, and I would guess maybe recent changes with the font replacement (don’t recall what it was for) broke some font because I see many break the ZSH symbols in the shell prompt.

//EDIT: yep, just installed 21.3.7 KDE ISO, Konsole default profile font is Hack, everything is fine. My guess is probably not far from truth @Aragorn but only replacement I see in my VM is for nerd-font-noto-sans-monottf-noto-nerd

Something definitely broke multiple fonts recently though, just boot up an old ISO, and change fonts in the Konsole profile, now update and test same fonts, many are broken. Actually, besides Noto, they are ALL broken.

See in context, first the default Profile in the VM, then my current Konsole profile, all font are broken but the Noto ones.

I noticed that too, but I thought it was because I had uninstalled noto-fonts-compat — at least, if I remember the name correctly, because the package was deprecated and can no longer be found, not even in the AUR.

So I then had to reconfigure a few applications — including Konsole and KMail — to select a different font that looked the same as I had been using before. And for Konsole, the Droid Sans Mono font gave me the same look as I had had earlier. :man_shrugging:

Is the issue tracked or should we open an issue somewhere? People start to notice fonts are broken, I guess it wouldn’t be bad if people who have the power to find and fix the issue look at it sooner than later.

//EDIT: I’m downloading latest KDE ISO to check the situation there, would be a shame if default installation is already broken… will see.

Maybe the issue is with KDE rather than generally with most/all fonts? Anyone with GNOME/XFCE to test ZSH and fonts symbols?

//EDIT2: fresh install of Manjaro KDE 22.0.3 230213 has working fonts in Konsole, only update available is Firefox

@Aragorn do you have ttf-ms-fonts installed by any chance? :awkward:

If yes, does removing it fix the issue?

What I think I found so far (on my system):

  • removing ttf-cormorant gets the Manjaro icon back
  • removing ttf-ms-fonts gets the Home icon back

Nope, I don’t have anything MickeySoft here. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK on my side, reinstalling ttf-cormorant does not break the Manjaro icon if I don’t have ttf-ms-fonts so on my side the issue was because of this AUR package apparently. I still have many fonts with the issue but it seems to have fixed many of them. I don’t get it but this is a start.

//EDIT: Restarting fixed something, my remaining fonts all work with symbols in Konsole+ZSH.

Then reinstalling ttf-roboto-mono breaks them all again… and removing ttf-roboto (and keeping the mono one) fix them back again… kinda… not really… maybe this specific repo font has issue or creates issues.

Something is weird seems like there are conflicts or something.

I will let some time pass I spent too much hours on this issue tonight, for something I don’t care, I don’t even use ZSH