Icon spacing in KDE Plasma

Would anyone know if it is possible to increase or decrease the spacing between icons in the KDE Plasma panel? I have looked at all the settings and searched the web, and the only thing I’ve found relates to the icon spacing in the “system area” of the panel, but not on the panel itself, as shown on the image below.



You may be able to edit a Plasma Style to your liking.

Thanks, Omano, but I’ve already checked all available editing options and see no option that relates to icon spacing.

I mean literally EDIT it, to modify it, not change some settings, but modifying the ‘code’ of it. Which Plasma Style are you using?

Sorry, misunderstood. You mean open a config file with nano or other editor and edit it. I’m using Breeze, I try not to stray too far off Plasma’s defaults.

Not sure what to modify, now I think about it, it may be the ‘task manager’ that would need modification. But I was not talking about a configuration file, but modifying the code of the style/plasmoid.

I think it would be in there /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.taskmanager/

You can not configure it in the default plasma panel. But IIRC latte dock has such a setting.

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I tried the latte dock and wasn’t crazy about it. I guess I’ll live with the excessive default spacing in Plasma’s own panel, not the worse thing in the world. Thanks a lot, fellas.

Try going to System Settings > Appearance > Icons > Configure Icon Sizes > Panel and drop the size by one tick.

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Whaddaya know!!! It was at “48”, next tick down was “32”, and while the actual icon size did not change, the spacing between icons was reduced considerably, exactly as I wanted. Son of a gun!
Thanks, Jabber!!

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