Icon for keyboard language switch appears only sometimes

Dear All,
I configured several different languages to use for the keyboard. Sometime everything is OK and I have the icon of the language in the taskbar. Sometimes this icon is not there. Is there a way to make the icon appear ? For now only a reboot can bring me back the icon, but not only always. Maybe there is also a command line tool to make appear the icon.
Thank you very much

Go to the up arrow shown in your image (right from the wifi icon), press the mouse right button, select “Configure system tray”, “Entries”, search “Keyboard Layout” and select show always.



thank you very much I had “shown when relevant”. Thank you very much!

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Hello again, I thought everything OK, but now I again do not have the icon of the keyboard.
As you see I put Keyboard Layout to “Always”.
what did I wrong ?
Thx a bunch

It’s funny, Keyboard Layout should be shown, I don’t know why doesn´t. Let’s see if anybody else knows. :thinking:

Remember you have also Ctrl+Alt+K to switch between layouts.

Yes, it´s really strange this behaviour, also because it does not happen on every boot.

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