icecat timeout error

Tried to download icecat as it seemed better than default firefox. Able to ping the website that it gets 'abort: error: Connection timed out' yet it still fails. My mirror list has 6 swiss mirrors and resolv.conf has 'options timeout:1' added. Running normal arch now if that helps.

Does is help you? :slight_smile:

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Since the description is very vague about

from where do you download it?

What website? Are you trying to install it from AUR and you get the timeout error, or once you installed it and open it the icecat browser is not able to reach a website?

If you use only one nameserver, and is not working properly, i don't think that option helps. It sets the time to resolver to wait for a response from a remote name server before retrying the query via a different name server.

Z,Y,Z and Q problem in one topic :slight_smile:

GNU Icecat is in the AUR. It’s literally the same amount of time as downloading and compiling, so just use the AUR version.

Downloaded from aur. Took about 3 or so hours to download and compile and wifi is 200 down, 20 up and my laptop has an i5 5th gen. Did an update, reboot and some other random crap I found in a few videos and it worked.

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