I915 kwin_wayland hard freeze - unrecoverable

Happens pretty frequently, usually under high CPU load or high I/O load. Whole system freezes, completely unrecoverable without holding the power button and forcing a power cycle. Only happens under wayland. Screenshot of dmesg on my phone is about all I can offer for a log.

Kernel 6.4, fully up to date stable.

It may not be the advice you want to hear, but I would personally recommend using X11 instead of Wayland if your daily productivity depends on the machine in question.

Wayland is (and has so far always been) a work in progress, and despite the opinion of many who feel that it’s the future and that it is better than X11 in how it’s internally organized, the truth is that Wayland is still not sufficiently stable. The KDE developers also like Wayland — to such an extent that they plan on making it the default in Plasma 6 — but they’re still having to work hard even today to make Plasma 5 jive well with Wayland.

X11 is not without its flaws, but when it comes to robustness, it has already long proven itself. Wayland still has everything to prove, and it lacks the innate network-transparency that allows X11 to serve as a basis for distributed computing — i.e. running an application on a remote machine but having it display its output on your own screen as if it’s installed and running on your own local computer.

One of Wayland’s most critical weaknesses in my opinion is that runs a whole lot of stuff in the kernel’s address space, and thus with kernel privileges. As such, if anything goes wrong in that part of the code, then it can hang your whole machine. X11 on the other hand runs most of its code in userspace, which means that you’ve got a much bigger chance of salvaging things if it goes wrong.

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That is not my understanding. It relies on KMS graphics drivers for sure, but it runs in userspace, as with any other compositor.


It does a lot of its graphics rendering in the kernel. As the matter of fact, one of the objections of Wayland’s creator against X11 is that X11 switches between kernelspace and userspace too much, which impedes its performance.

Anyway, this is off-topic. The problem is that Wayland still isn’t stable enough, and that the OP is having to suffer the consequences of that.

Did the problem become apparent after a kernel update, or when did it first manifest for you? A bug report will likely be the only way to progress this. Examine the journal from the previous boot. You might try grepping for ‘drm’ (and possibly ‘i915’) related output.

Also, switching to an LTS kernel — e.g. 6.1 LTS — might be worth a try. 6.4 is still rather bleeding edge, and it’s not an LTS kernel anyway.

I hear you, I do. Wayland just feels so close to being ready for daily use… Apart from the random kill your whole system issue of course. And I really like the track pad gestures and scrolling just feels so much better.

I’ve switched back to X for now.

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It’s been doing this for a long time, nothing to do with a recent kernel update. And when I Google for the problem all I can really find is a long running big with the i915 driver that no one seems to be working on or making any progress with.

LTS won’t solve the issue. It’s been a problem since before version 5 of the kernel. The only fix I can see (until it’s actually fixed or someone comes by and shares a solution) is to run X.

I use X on my workstation and work computer because I can’t trust Wayland to not lose my important data when it takes a dump. The performance just feels so much nicer than X on my laptop, which is why I want to use it so bad :pensive:

EDIT: Also, under Wayland, the thinkstick pointer seems to work a lot better than it does under X

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