i3wm - set up rotated secondery monitor?

With displaylink package installed, I got my ASUS MB16AP portable monitor working on my Manjaro i3wm version. Sadly now it works horizontally only, but I want to make it rotate 90 degrees so I can see more lines when coding. However, if I set the Orientation of my second monitor to right or left. Things not working as I expected, and nothing actually rotated. And here is a screenshot.

So is any way or any workaround to rotate the secondary monitor in i3wm and Manjaro? Thanks.

Today, I tried to configure arandr that both eDP1 and DVI-I-1-1 rotated, but still my primary monitor works well and the second screen no rotated. Meanwhile, it confuses me a lot that the mouse on the rotated secondary monitor is rotated around but not the wallpaper and application.

What displayed on the main screen is circled out with red line and the secondary screen with blue line.


Use arandr

I have already used arandr to configure as you can see in the screenshot. Also, the key part of my problem is rotation.

My old weak eyes unfortunately overlooked that, please forgive me.

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