I3status system tray icons messed up after update

Do you know if uninstalling gtk3-classign and installing gtk3 suffice, or are there any specific configs you also need to touch? Coudlnt find anything about that in their repos.

Thanks @oberon, this is the actual fix for me. Just searched for gtk3 in pamac, then clicked (to remove) gtk3-classic, clicked (to install) gtk3 - only took a few seconds to switch over. Quick reboot and now tray icons are back to normal (i.e. like they were before updates that broke tray icons).


You don’t need to change anything with config and can use normal i3bar_command i3bar without -t option again.
All you have to do is replace package gtk3-classic with gtk3 (possibly also lib32-gtk3-classic with lib32-gtk3 if present on your system). That’s all.
In any case @TomaszGasior is already working on a fix for gtk3-classic, so the issue might be fixed very soon also with gtk3-classic.

Careful, I’m no pro … But, I did this exactly and then couldn’t boot into GUi, due to lightdm failure to launch. May have been greeter related but totally wrecked my day and still don’t have it back to normal

I did exactly what @j.taala mentioned and it worked just fine. Most of the problems are now gone :slight_smile:

“Most” of the problems? Are you still having issues? Thanks,

I’m currently uploading a patched version of gtk3-classic. Version 3.22.30-5.1 seems to fix the tray icon background issue.


Thanks @oberon … I’ve got the same. Today’s patch of gtk3-classic fixes the icons (after removing -t).

After borking my build, I am glad to see this behind us.

Thanks a lot! It seems to work perfectly well after last update :relaxed:

Thanks @oberon, can confirm patched version works well and icons (and icon backgrounds) are back to normal.

Simply switched back to gtk3-classic (in pamac unticked gtk3 and ticked gtk3-classic and hit apply) and rebooted and every seems to be working well (haven’t noticed any issues or side-effects).

@tchoup, am sorry you ran into issues previously - in the future might be worth doing a quick timeshift (it’s in the repos) snapshot before updates. That way, you can quickly restore back to a previous state for system files (even if can’t load wm)… it’s saved my sanity on more than a few occasions…



Thanks @oberon. The patch worked.

Anyone has a solution for non gaps I3wm with non classic gtk3.

Today I got hit with this bug on testing and can’t use the “-t” hack due me using non gapps :Z

Won’t refreshing your config file fix it? That’s what I have been doing.

Nope, they are drawing over each other.

Dragging floating windowover tray is changing the tray background color.

I’ve got extra time, currently trying to migrate to sway 1.0

I too, experience this issue when using the i3bar -t solution, so I have resorted to just pressing the key combination Meta+Shift+R until it looks semi-ok.

For me i3bar -t and refreshing via Mod+Shift+R are also not working properly. What has now fixed it was downgrading gtk3 to 3.22.30-1 via pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/gtk3-3.22.30-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

Of course this is not a real fix cause if I have the choice to use ugly icons or do no more updates on a package I’d rather choose the first one.

I’m having this issue with Arch and i3 right now after recent gtk updates.

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I’m having the same issue on manjaro-i3.

In addition to using the -t flag workaround i edited my wallpaper so the background matches the colour of my bar. It looks normal for now, but a proper solution would be preferable.

The solution for me was going back to gtk3-classic.

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I will give that a try.

I replaced gtk3 with gtk3-classic and the problem is fixed. I don’t know if that change has any effects on other packages, yet.

Thanks a lot!