i3blocks: volume changes differ from alsamixer

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I recently replaced i3status by i3blocks. Almost everything works quite well, but only the volume block shows values in % which differ from the values shown by alsamixer. For examle i3blocks shows 92% and alsamixer displays 80%. Right-click mute/unmute and mousewheel volume change works. Only the values are not congruent. Any ideas for a fix?

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Post the relevant code from your ~/.i3blocks/conf file.

Here is the volume section of the i3blocks.conf file:

# Volume indicator
# The first parameter sets the step (and units to display)
# The second parameter overrides the mixer selection
# See the script for details.

And here is the code from /usr/lib/i3blocks/volume:


# The second parameter overrides the mixer selection
# For PulseAudio users, use "pulse"
# For Jack/Jack2 users, use "jackplug"
# For ALSA users, you may use "default" for your primary card
# or you may use hw:# where # is the number of the card desired
[ -n "$(lsmod | grep pulse)" ] && MIXER="pulse"
[ -n "$(lsmod | grep jack)" ] && MIXER="jackplug"

# The instance option sets the control to report and configure
# This defaults to the first control of your selected mixer
# For a list of the available, use `amixer -D $Your_Mixer scontrols`
SCONTROL="${BLOCK_INSTANCE:-$(amixer -D $MIXER scontrols |
                  sed -n "s/Simple mixer control '\([A-Za-z ]*\)',0/\1/p" |
                  head -n1

# The first parameter sets the step to change the volume by (and units to display)
# This may be in in % or dB (eg. 5% or 3dB)


capability() { # Return "Capture" if the device is a capture device
  amixer -D $MIXER get $SCONTROL |
    sed -n "s/  Capabilities:.*cvolume.*/Capture/p"

volume() {
  amixer -D $MIXER get $SCONTROL $(capability)

format() {
  perl_filter='if (/.*\[(\d+%)\] (\[(-?\d+.\d+dB)\] )?\[(on|off)\]/)'
  perl_filter+='{CORE::say $4 eq "off" ? "MUTE" : "'
  # If dB was selected, print that instead
  perl_filter+=$([[ $STEP = *dB ]] && echo '$3' || echo '$1')
  perl_filter+='"; exit}'
  perl -ne "$perl_filter"


  3) amixer -q -D $MIXER sset $SCONTROL $(capability) toggle ;;  # right click, mute/unmute
  4) amixer -q -D $MIXER sset $SCONTROL $(capability) ${STEP}+ unmute ;; # scroll up, increase
  5) amixer -q -D $MIXER sset $SCONTROL $(capability) ${STEP}- unmute ;; # scroll down, decrease

volume | format

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