I3bar not automatically adding icons of programs

I was quite pleased that without any additional configuration, i3bar detects and fetches the icon of certain programs which run in the background/foreground and adds them to the status bar. After a recent update, this is no longer the case. I can only check that these programs are running (in particular, those which run in the background) by manually searching htop.

Now I am wondering how this was possible in the first place. I’ve looked through my /etc/i3status.conf but can’t see anything that would enable this. Where else can I look for info which is fed into i3status?

which programs precisely ? are you talking about “clipit”, “nm-applet”, “pa-applet”, and “pamac-tray” ? or other apps ?

Yes, also Zoom.

I think those have nothing to do with i3status… I believe i3bar is displaying them by default.
i3status conf file has to do with displaying the info just before the applets.
i3bar configuration is included in i3 config file (.i3 or .config/i3/config)
check 5.8 - tray output in here : i3: i3 User’s Guide
maybe in i3 config file you are disabling tray_output… where you using two monitors and wrongly configured i3bar for your laptop ?

if you paste i3 config file I may be able to help you more…
I am sure if you dig harder, you’ll find the problem yourself…