[i3-wm] Theme Collection


I would like something like this.


Good evening there,

There are some updates in this post, actually huge updates.

  • Wrote a new script that now replaces only what is needed in order to use my themes so that you don't use your configuration, easier to use, easier to configure.
  • Added a new theme "Sky"
  • Added a second new theme "Forest"
  • Added a new directory named "templated_themes" where you can find all that is needed in order to make those themes work (If you don't want to use the new script).

I hope you like the new changes,

Best regards,



This caught my eye and I decided to give it a try.
I ran /.i3wmthemer -c and the config files were successfully changed.
After running /.i3wmthemere -t {theme name} it seems like most stuff weren’t changed.
The output shows a whole lot of “Failed to apply change” and as you can see it locates all the config files it is searching for.


Good evening sir,

I think you should crosscheck your configuration files with my configuration files and add/change missing lines in your configuration files. The script is not perfect yet and I am currently super busy to spend the time to fix it to work perfectly every time (sorry for that). Best thing I can suggest you is to manually copy what you life from each theme and apply it to your setup.

I will come back to this script at some point to make it work just right, but as I said I am too busy for the next few months :frowning:


With a quick check on your output file I can see that you are possibly missing some of the lines that the script changes, the script only overwrites existing lines in your configuration files , it doesn’t add any new, so for example if the line “set-offset-y=…” does not exist already in your configuration files then the script will not add it (yet). I hope this might help your situation a bit.


Thank you for your replies.
I’ll take a look and compare my config files to yours and figure out what I’m missing.

Thank you again. :slight_smile:


Hi Starvros,
I love what you’re doing with these themes and am trying to apply them to my i3wm.
I have followed your instructions and everything seems to have worked well, but the theme wont persist through a reboot. I have looked over these posts and am currently comparing configs to see if anything needs to be added. If you have any ideas I would apprieciate it.
I understand that this is a cold thread and hope that you haven’t moved on?


Hey man, that’s actually really really odd.

If you could please check your current ~/.i3/config, ~/.Xresources, ~/.extend.Xresources and lastly ~/.config/polybar/config and paste-bin them if you could so I can take a look on them.