[i3-wm] Theme Collection


Good evening/morning there,

I’ve been asked a big amount of times by people how to get their configuration look like my configuration, so here I am starting this thread with the hope that I can provide enough information to help you get throught the (simple) process.

All my themes will (from now on) be available in this repository: https://github.com/unix121/i3wm-themer

I will be updating this topic evey time I have a new theme to share.

Best regards,

What you might need

  • i3-wm in any Linux distro you prefer
  • Polybar (for most of the themes)
  • Rofi (for most of the themes)
  • Nitrogen (To set the wallpapers, can also be done manually)
  • Firefox Themes can be installed using the "Stylish" extension
  • Most of the GTK Themes and Icons were created using oomox
    All the necessary changes to your configuration files can be found under /templated_themes/{THEME}/ directory. Copy what you like from every configuration. Under /themes/{THEME}/ directory you can find my exact configuration files, but I do not recommend to copy them directly once they contain my own keybindings and generally settings that might not be suitable for you, but instead you can use the script below to apply the necessary parts from my configuration files to your configuration files.

Basic requirements (for the script)

    This script is still hardcoded so you have to check where your configuration files are before you use it.
  • i3 configuration file must be placed either under
      ~/.i3/config or ~/.config/i3/config  
  • Polybar configuration file must be under
  • Compton configuration file must be under
  • .Xresources should be under
      ~/.Xresources or ~/.extend.Xresources
  • dmenu configuration file should be under

How to use the scripts

    This script will overwrite only the needed parts from your configuration files in order to apply the basic visuals of any of the themes listed below.
  • git clone https://github.com/unix121/i3wm-themer
  • cd i3wm-themer/scripts/
  • First backup your current configuration in case you want to come back:
      ./i3wmthemer -b {BACKUP_NAME}

    Backups are saved under …/backups/ directory.

  • Now need the run script into configuration mode (Only the first time you ever run the script):
      ./i3wmthemer -c

    This will add the lines that are in /templates/ directory to your i3 and polybar configuration files.


    After that step you should have something like
    added to your i3 configuration file and something like this added under [colors] tag in
    your polybar configuration file.

    If those changes are not applied then you might have to copy them manually.

    Run this script only the first time you use this script just to setup your files.
    It is not needed to run it every time you want to apply a theme, only the first time.

  • Now apply the theme you want:
    ./i3wmthemer -t {THEME}

    {THEME} should be the name of the theme you want to apply.

    Example on how to apply the “Forest” theme:

    ./i3wmthemer -t Forest
  • If you want to go back to a backup you can run the script like that:
    ./i3wmthemer -t ../backups/{BACKUP_NAME}

    {BACKUP_NAME} should be the same as the one given in the backup step above.

  • After you run the script you might have to manually set the wallpaper which is located in the {THEME} directory and also use your appearance manager to apply the Icons and the GTK Themes.
  • NOTE: If you notice any bugs on the script feel free to contact me and I will address them


    The ways mentioned above overwrite some parts of your files, use them with caution. I am not responsible if anything happens to your computer. Normally if you follow the instructions step by step everything should be just fine, but unexpected things sometimes happen. The author is not responsible for any damage done. Also the script is still under development so any feedback/help would be much appreciated.



    If you are the original artist of any of the photos/pictures
    featured in those themes, please feel free to contact me,
    so that you can get credited.

    e-mail: unix121@protonmail.com

Where do I look to make changes to i3wm theme look and feel
Manjaro i3 - Light schema

Wow, very impressed. I would love to test, but installing would destroy weeks of work, setting up my config file.

We need a way to install stuff like this, without wiping out your own config - this is the inherent problem with a monolithic config file :frowning:


I think I have found my next programming project… An i3 config manager…


Good evening there,

In the beginning it was a pain to manually change everything whenever I wanted to change my theme, so in order to “automate” it I created 2 basic scripts, the one was the one described above to apply a theme and the second one was this one : https://github.com/unix121/Themes/blob/master/scripts/theme_backup.sh

If you want to test it just manualy create a new folder in your Documents directory :

  mkdir ~Documents/Themes/

and then run the script like this:

chmod u+x ./{path_to_script}/theme_backup.sh

./{path_to_script}/theme_backup.sh {name_for_theme}

Example use:

./theme_backup.sh TestTheme

This will copy some of your basic configuration files (i3config, polybarconfig, comptonconfig, vimrc, dmenurc, xresources) into the folder Documents/Themes/ for later use.

It’s nothing special but it’s something I created really fast to just save configurations for later.

I hope you can find it helpful,


Update [26 April 2017]

This comment is kinda outdated, please check the Installation section in the original post to find out how to backup your files using the script!


python-themer-git avaiable in aur generate color using wallpaper


Good evening,

Yeah “python-themer-git” is a good package to generate color schemes, also wal is a great alternative as well.
Personally I don’t use them cause most of the times I feel like they produce “dim” colors that don’t match my eyes. So I always end up handpicking everything. Yeah it’s a bit more time consuming but I think it turns into a better result in the end.


Collection updated with the latest theme (Subway).


Whoooa!! Very, very nice idea! ThanX alot for your work. This is very useful. Have a nice WEEKEND!"


I’m glad you liked it mate :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend as well :slight_smile:


Great job @unix121
did you know how to force icons in systray to use a mono theme/icons ?


The way I do it is create the icons I like using “oomox-gui” and then apply them using “lxappearance”, but you have to reboot in order to make them apply into the tray. Some applications that don’t automaticaly change on their own but you can set it from the settings. For example on “Alsa” icon you have to right click on it -> Preferences -> Status Icon -> Icon Theme -> Default in order to make it match the rest. But there are some apps that cannot be changed (good example is Skype).

If you happen to find a solution for icons that cannot be changed please let me know, I am more that interested in a solution :slight_smile:

Good afternoon mate :slight_smile:


Good evening guys,

Just added a new theme to the collection [Nature].

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Cool! I’m working on something similar but for bspwm - I start with a wallpaper and handchoose the colours as you do and then everything else gets automatically generated based on a file containing the list of colours. The only thing left to do is to get it syncing lightdm and my startpage correctly… I should be able to apply your configs quite easily - they look beautiful! thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


When you finish your project please let me know, I am more than interested once I’m planning to switch to BSPWM myself so it would be very helpfull :slight_smile: I am glad you like my themes, and yeah, hardpicking the colors is way better visually for me. I like some colors to be in an exact tone and that is only achievable in the hardpick mode :slight_smile:

Best regards mate :slight_smile:


Reworked one of my older themes and uploaded it. Theme name : Space


Good evening everyone,

There has been a major update in the Repository:

  • Fixed the script to apply the themes, now it should apply everything correctly (including fonts, copy all the GTK Themes and Icons for a themes into the right repository etc)
  • Included GTK Themes and Icons packs for most of the themes
  • Fixed some dotfiles that were a bit messed up

From now on, everyone who is using the Manjaro i3 Community edition should be able to apply every theme instantly by just using the script (Only condition is that you have to install (if you don’t alrady have them) Rofi and Polybar in your system before you run it).

If you find any errors please post them here and I will address them as fast as I can, but based on my testing there should be no error at all at this point.

Best regards,


3 new Elemental Themes have been added to the collection (Water, Fire and Ice).

I hope you like them :slight_smile:


Very nice themes. But for me was important to find out, how do you do your FF Homepage. I saw many of them on Reddit etc, but never found out how to do that. Shame on me. Today in the morning i saw the solution on your Github page. I was the f… happiest guy this morning in the world. Many thanks from me. You did and do an awesome job.


I am more than happy now man. I’m glad I could help you (even accidentaly), I will try to provide more content every time I have free time. I’m really glad you like it sir :slight_smile:


    Quick update

    Reworked the script to apply the themes, gave it more functionality, now it can backup your current configuraion in case you want to come back to it at any point. The backups are saved under ../Backups/ directory and contain all the folders that the script overrides. For more information check the updated Installation section above.