[i3-wm] Theme Collection

Update [April 4, 2018]

Hello guys, I have fully reworked this repository from scratch (scripts and themes), for more you can see directly into the repository:

Have fun,


Wow, very impressed. I would love to test, but installing would destroy weeks of work, setting up my config file.

We need a way to install stuff like this, without wiping out your own config - this is the inherent problem with a monolithic config file :frowning:


I think I have found my next programming project… An i3 config manager…


Good evening there,

In the beginning it was a pain to manually change everything whenever I wanted to change my theme, so in order to “automate” it I created 2 basic scripts, the one was the one described above to apply a theme and the second one was this one : https://github.com/unix121/Themes/blob/master/scripts/theme_backup.sh

If you want to test it just manualy create a new folder in your Documents directory :

  mkdir ~Documents/Themes/

and then run the script like this:

chmod u+x ./{path_to_script}/theme_backup.sh

./{path_to_script}/theme_backup.sh {name_for_theme}

Example use:

./theme_backup.sh TestTheme

This will copy some of your basic configuration files (i3config, polybarconfig, comptonconfig, vimrc, dmenurc, xresources) into the folder Documents/Themes/ for later use.

It’s nothing special but it’s something I created really fast to just save configurations for later.

I hope you can find it helpful,


python-themer-git avaiable in aur generate color using wallpaper

Good evening,

Yeah “python-themer-git” is a good package to generate color schemes, also wal is a great alternative as well.
Personally I don’t use them cause most of the times I feel like they produce “dim” colors that don’t match my eyes. So I always end up handpicking everything. Yeah it’s a bit more time consuming but I think it turns into a better result in the end.

Whoooa!! Very, very nice idea! ThanX alot for your work. This is very useful. Have a nice WEEKEND!"

I’m glad you liked it mate :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend as well :slight_smile:

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Great job @unix121
did you know how to force icons in systray to use a mono theme/icons ?

The way I do it is create the icons I like using “oomox-gui” and then apply them using “lxappearance”, but you have to reboot in order to make them apply into the tray. Some applications that don’t automaticaly change on their own but you can set it from the settings. For example on “Alsa” icon you have to right click on it -> Preferences -> Status Icon -> Icon Theme -> Default in order to make it match the rest. But there are some apps that cannot be changed (good example is Skype).

If you happen to find a solution for icons that cannot be changed please let me know, I am more that interested in a solution :slight_smile:

Good afternoon mate :slight_smile:

Cool! I’m working on something similar but for bspwm - I start with a wallpaper and handchoose the colours as you do and then everything else gets automatically generated based on a file containing the list of colours. The only thing left to do is to get it syncing lightdm and my startpage correctly… I should be able to apply your configs quite easily - they look beautiful! thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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When you finish your project please let me know, I am more than interested once I’m planning to switch to BSPWM myself so it would be very helpfull :slight_smile: I am glad you like my themes, and yeah, hardpicking the colors is way better visually for me. I like some colors to be in an exact tone and that is only achievable in the hardpick mode :slight_smile:

Best regards mate :slight_smile:

Very nice themes. But for me was important to find out, how do you do your FF Homepage. I saw many of them on Reddit etc, but never found out how to do that. Shame on me. Today in the morning i saw the solution on your Github page. I was the f… happiest guy this morning in the world. Many thanks from me. You did and do an awesome job.

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I am more than happy now man. I’m glad I could help you (even accidentaly), I will try to provide more content every time I have free time. I’m really glad you like it sir :slight_smile:


I would like something like this.


This caught my eye and I decided to give it a try.
I ran /.i3wmthemer -c and the config files were successfully changed.
After running /.i3wmthemere -t {theme name} it seems like most stuff weren’t changed.
The output shows a whole lot of “Failed to apply change” and as you can see it locates all the config files it is searching for.

Good evening sir,

I think you should crosscheck your configuration files with my configuration files and add/change missing lines in your configuration files. The script is not perfect yet and I am currently super busy to spend the time to fix it to work perfectly every time (sorry for that). Best thing I can suggest you is to manually copy what you life from each theme and apply it to your setup.

I will come back to this script at some point to make it work just right, but as I said I am too busy for the next few months :frowning:

With a quick check on your output file I can see that you are possibly missing some of the lines that the script changes, the script only overwrites existing lines in your configuration files , it doesn’t add any new, so for example if the line “set-offset-y=…” does not exist already in your configuration files then the script will not add it (yet). I hope this might help your situation a bit.

Thank you for your replies.
I’ll take a look and compare my config files to yours and figure out what I’m missing.

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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Hi Starvros,
I love what you’re doing with these themes and am trying to apply them to my i3wm.
I have followed your instructions and everything seems to have worked well, but the theme wont persist through a reboot. I have looked over these posts and am currently comparing configs to see if anything needs to be added. If you have any ideas I would apprieciate it.
I understand that this is a cold thread and hope that you haven’t moved on?