I3 terminal change?

Pardon my stupidity but for the life of me I just cannot comprehend how to change from urxvt to some other terminal emulator in i3 edition.
I have the config file open as I write this and under

start a terminal it says

bindsym $mod+Return exec a terminal

yes yes but which terminal ?

I am at my wits end :frowning:

Please can someone enlighten me where do i change this preference.

Since you didn't mention what is the terminal you want to make the default one, I'm going to use termite as an example for the desired terminal (replace it with the one you prefer).

First open the file ~/.profile and add this line

export TERMINAL=/usr/bin/termite

Then open your i3 config file and replace every instance of terminal with i3-sensible-terminal (for more information on that script see man i3-sensible-terminal).
bindsym $mod+Return exec terminal
bindsym $mod+Return exec i3-sensible-terminal

Save your config file and logout/login. After that your default terminal should have changed to termite (as an example).

If you want dmenu to open terminal based applications in your desired terminal (termite in this example), open the file ~/.dmenurc and change the entry

TERMINAL_CMD="terminal -e"


TERMINAL_CMD="i3-sensible-terminal -e"

Hope that helps!


Part of me use to wonder about this question as well until I learned how to change the colors of uxvrt with Xresources.

One simple method:
My temminal: /usr/local/bin/st

First: sudo mv /usr/bin/terminal /usr/bin/terminal.bake
Then: sudo ln /usr/local/bin/st /usr/bin/terminal

That's all!