I3 not working on xfce hybrid

Hello! I have an i3 + xfce mix on my machine and out of nowhere i3 just stopped working, I have reinstalled it, reset my configurations, tried to find logs but nothing is fixing it nor giving me any hints on how to fix it

When I try to log in a bunch of terminals are on the corner of my screen and if I type i3 into one of them it seemingly makes it work but it doesn’t update until I type it out again, tried to take a look at what neofetch told me and it just didn’t report any wm nor de

Rlly don’t know what is going on and it’s making me too anxious to think properly, so sorry in advance if I do anything wrong

Usually when using another window manager with xfce you have to replace the sesson - then setup xfce to save the session on exit.

The archivee forum has a topic on xfce with i3

Yeah i have seen it, and as i said on the post it stopped working, it was working flawlessly before

Nothing stops working out of nowhere - there is always a reason or a trigger or a cause.

It is fair so assume that something has changed.

You will have to rethink your steps up to the incident whare the mix stopped working.