I3 maintainence

I currently have a PC, Laptop and 2 RPI4’s.

At the moment I run i3wm on all of them.

I know that i3 is no longer maintained and seeing as I have four instances of
it, this bothers me a bit.

Up to now I still get all the BIG updates (and the little one’s) and everything
seems to run OK.

Question 1.

Am I right in thinking that it’s only the “i3 stuff” that is not updated ?
(If that’s the case then I will stay with i3 until; it breaks into a heap).

Question 2.

Is SWAY the “new” i3, I see it is supported in x86 and ARM ?
(I could move to SWAY, it seems i3’ish and I can prolly make it play nicely).

Also, I know that @bittin1 maintains “Awesome” so perhaps that could also work for me.

Any Thoughts ??? :slight_smile:

if your already use to i3, than it’s easy swapping over to sway.
sway is a lot more flexible then i3.
just add the keyboard shortcuts for firefox & file manager(default nautilus).
i’ve swapped out nautilus & gedit for pcmanfm-gtk3 & mousepad on mine.
everything else is easy to learn.
i’m currently on a rpi4 4gb.

rpi releases here:

Thanks for the info, I think I will try sway on my laptop and see how it goes.

I can iron out the wrinkles and figure a simple hopefully mainly automated way of reinstalling on my
MAIN pc.

Then the 2 RPI’s which are separate servers with different configs etc.

Hmm. Big job re-installing 4 machines. I’ll take my time and get it right hopefully.

Many thanks. :slight_smile: :+1:


What do you mean by that? Not maintained by the developers anymore?


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