I3 - failed to start light display manager

Hi, I installed manjaro i3 on my pulse 14 (Tuxedo) and updated the system via pamac, upon rebooting I got a black screen. I searched the forums and the only thing that helped was adding amdgpu to MODULES in the file /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and regenerating the initramfs (sudo mkinitcpio -p linux510). Afterwards system works but I noticed another warning flashing very quickly. But everything works fine. Is this a normal and expected solution for this problem? As there are many people are having the same problem and different suggestions as solution… Thanks.

Hi @Seferi,

What you’re describing along with the symptoms doesn’t sound too critical. I myself have error when starting up. Granted, it’s from a HDD that I know is failing, but it’s still there.

To check what the errors are, you can run the following in the terminal:

journalctl -b -p "emerg".."crit"

Feel free to reply and post the output if you’d like more information.

Hope this helps.

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I too am having the same problem with a fresh install of Manjaro i3. My laptop boots and immediatly after the HP boot splash the screen goes to an illuminated black at which stage I can enter tty2 and use startx to get into an i3 session. Other than that this has been my favourite OS so far! I’m kind of hanging on to hope that a future update might fix this issue.

PS: I made this account just to comment on this issue!

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Yeah, same here mate. Adding amdgpu as module helps and system boots normally. But I would love to know if adding this as a module is normal or has any consequences…

It seems you’ve got an AMD graphics card. Adding the amdgpu module only loads the drivers AFAIK. So in my opinion you’re good to go.

I changed to sddm instead of lightdm and all seems to work fine now.

I’m happy for ya!