i3 Default applications

Ok, this may sound like a thread that's been here dozens of times, but this is a bit unique. I'm going back to i3, and remembered one of the largest problems I had, and that was getting default apps to work. Despite making the changes shown elsewhere in the forum, some programs refuse to use the correct app, Telegram in particular with web links comes to mind (i'm just setting things up, and just remembered that problem). Only thing I can think of that's different about it is the fact that apparently Telegram-desktop is a QT app, so perhaps those apps are storing default app info somewhere different than the rest of i3?

i3, as you probably know, is just a very simple tiling window manager. It is not a desktop environment and hence it has no distinct "default apps". There is nothing much installed with the i3 edition, so if you wish to add "Telegram" then you have to deal with it yourself. The package manager should install the appropriate dependancies, otherwise it should behave.

Come back with more details about what is not working for you once you have i3 working....