i3 bmenu "Search" (S)? (terminal command?)

Yesterday, I switched from Manjaro GNOME to Manjaro i3 minimal for work, and so far there is only 1 small thing that I have wanted to do but cannot find: the name of the application and (specifically) the correct terminal prompt for what is brought up in bmenu when typing 'S' for "Search." I think that it is something with ranger (rifle), but I cannot track it down. I plan to make an i3 config shortcut to bring up that search menu. Thank you for the help.


fzf, for exact search type 'word

in Ranger press ctrl+f to get fzf esc back to ranger

Thank you.

bindsym $mod+F12 exec urxvt -e "fzf"

does the trick to go straight to fzf with mod + F12.

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It is find command piped into fzf and then passed to rifle.

Oh! Well, could you please spell that for me a bit more? I am new to find, fzf, and rifle. Thank you.

function file_finder {
	if [ -e /usr/bin/rifle ]; then
		rifle $(find -type f | fzf -e --reverse)
		if [ - e /var/lib/pacman/db.lck ]; then 
			sudo pacman -Sy ranger && rifle $(find -type f | fzf -e --reverse)

This is the function that is used. And this is the part that you want to run.

rifle $(find -type f | fzf -e --reverse)

If you put that function to your bashrc, you can run it with command file_finder. You could also rename it to just f.


Thank you. That works perfectly for everything except adding an entry to the i3 config file, which (at least based on what I have read in a Stack Exchange thread about the matter) does not play with ~/.bashrc. I have tried several configurations with no luck. What trick might I use to get that function working in the i3 config?

bindsym $mod+F12 exec urxvt -e "rifle $(find -type f | fzf -e --reverse)"

Neither that nor bindsym $mod+F12 exec urxvt -e "finder" with or without the quotation marks (my function) works. Instead, I receive a spinning loading wheel. Do I need to write a separate bash script somewhere, for example? Thank you again; you have been most helpful.

That should work.

Unfortunately, it does not. I am greeted with a loading wheel, but nothing happens. I tried switching to F8 in case something was strange with F12 with no luck. Might there be another option to try? Thank you again.

Can you try this?

Same spinning loading wheel with nothing happening.

Pardon me. I will only bug you one more time. This is a very small thing, but it is significant for quality of life. Can you think of anything else that we might be able to try to get this working? Thank you.

I'll look into it.

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