I3 applications "disappear"

I have the same problem as this user (who never posted whether there was a solution):

Applications seem to "disappear" within containers, completely randomly. Happens with Spotify and RStudio, for example. The application keeps running fine, but I can't see it or interact with it in any way. In this screenshot, Spotify is running in the left container:

Currently running the 5.4 kernel, but I've had the same issue under 5.3, 5.2, and 4.19.

Any thoughts on how I can debug this?

Have you checked compositor settings? Compton (picom by the new name). Maybe changing a few things there ...

Interesting. I swear that I've checked this before, but I killed Compton and opened up Spotify and Rstudio in different workspaces. I've been swapping between workspaces for a few minutes now, which normally be enough to replicate the error at some point... but so far, so good!

I had already written off the compositor as an issue, because I had tried debugging that previously, so thanks for the suggestion.

For any users who may read this in the future: I'll post an update if I continue to have problems, so if there is no update after this one, you can assume that running i3 without a compositor might be the answer for you.

Nope, that wasn't it. Just had the same thing happen again with Spotify, even though Compton isn't running.

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